My tutor suggested looking at Juliet Chenery Robson’s series ‘Portraits of  a Postmodern Illness’ The moment I read the first thing about her, I was intrigued, for me someone who has suffered from ME since I was eight years old, this was a photographic series very close to my heart. I know a huge amount of people […]


Just realised I haven’t posted up my tutor feedback for Assignment Five. Here is it, as I write this my assessment is waiting until March to be judged. I’m feeling so nervous and excited, I’ve put my whole heart into this project from hours spent researching and planning to thinking about every aspect of the […]

Laura Letinsky Laura Letinsky is a contemporary photographer from Canada who’s speciality is still life. When you see her work the first thing that strikes you is the colour, or more the lack of it. Huge parts of the canvas are filled with very neutral colours, mostly white which seems strange, but the vastness and […]

Chris Killip is a social issue photographer born in Douglas on the Isle of Man in 1946. He became known for capturing images of a changing world. I’ve come across his photos before and remember his images being black and white depictions of the industrial world. Instead of just taking photos of the physical industrial […]

Through the Eyes of a Child. Created by me, including the music and singing.  

Duane Michals is an American photographer who found his interest in photography in 1958 while holidaying in the USSR. Some of his best known work feature sequences, a series of photos cleverly used to illustrate a story. At a first glance his work seems strange and has this almost dark feel about it but when […]

The Official Assignment I will be telling the story of the wedding in a unique way, through a childs eyes. My fifteen month nephew, Leo, to be precise. Creating photos that depict a different point of view is going to be a challenge but I’m really looking forward to it. Instead of including my nephew in the photos […]

I absolutely love rain, I know it’s strange, it damages cameras, stops everything but it doesn’t have to have you running for cover. In fact I’m usually the one standing in the rain though not for long because of my asthma and health but if I was 100% cured I’d definitely be the one out […]

Juxtaposition. As expert photography says, “Juxtaposition happens when two or more elements in a scene that either contrast each other, or one element contributes towards another to create an overall theme. It’s all about making the viewer wonder why we chose a certain viewpoint for the photo, and why we decided it was good enough […]

This part of the course required me to think of some symbols and the possibilities surrounding each one. Nature is something that represents so many things from growth to life. Colours especially can always add to the hidden meanings or even obvious ones as you can see in my colour research study. Here I must […]

I’m really happy to say my work was featured on the Open College of the Arts Page. I was really touched by everyones comments and that Joanne felt my work was worthy enough to be featured. Thank you 😀

Sometimes it can be the photo taken after an event that fully illustrates it. Say for instance there was a tsunami, the photo of the insane wave would be immense and show the event in it’s all rawness. But a photo with the after effects of the tsunami, houses sucked away, people struggling to survive, […]

This exercise required me to set myself an assignment and photograph it. I decided to choose the story of going for a day out with my family. I wanted to capture the feeling of the day with a variety of shots. My sisters boyfriend didn’t want to be included so I tried to focus more […]

Yousef Karsh has been called the ‘Ansel Adams of Portraits” I don’t think you can find a better compliment than that. I came across his work and the moment I’d seen one of his photos I was captured by the intensity of the character especially through the eyes, the window to the soul. Karsh quoted […]

When photographer Dorothea Lange stopped by the road side by a sign for Pea Pickers, she took a few photos in fifteen minutes of a migrant family and then left. Those fifteen minutes changed her life and became the icon of the Great Depression. Incredibly she only took six frames. When I first saw her work […]

My tutor suggested I look at the work of  Sam Taylor Wood especially the videos Sleeping and Still Life I loaded up the Sleeping one first which portrayed a video of David Beckham sleeping. I sat there waiting for something to happen but soon realised that that was it. At first I thought, ‘What,’ I […]

I received my tutor feedback on Assignment Four. When I read through it I wasn’t sure how to feel exactly, but when I read it again I selected all the good positive parts and was quite pleased as there was definitely more of that than negative. My tutors comments appear in bold. And my response […]

Rain. The reason I’m posting this late is because the weather has literally refused to rain. Or at least when it has it always makes my asthma so bad I’m stuck in all day unable to take photos. But this morning I woke up and hurray it was raining. I grabbed my Canon camera and […]

I am so behind on this course which I’m quite upset with, but I can’t help it when my health relapses back landing me unable to leave the house for weeks. But thank goodness, I’m climbing back up again out of the pit and can return to my course. Exercise. To take photos of the […]

This exercise was very frustrating. Purely because the tracing/baking paper had a mind of its own and was determined to photobomb every shot. Initially I photographed the mirrored trinket box.   As you can see the reflection of the camera is distracting and it lacks contrast. I battled with the cone but couldn’t get it […]

I’m a bit behind posting these exercises, I wanted to use my energy on getting the assignment done then post these afterwards. The Lighting Angle I had to choose a subject that was rounded and with relief then photograph it with the lighting coming from different angles. I realise I did this with my stop motion […]

I was experimenting with different ways of presentation and created the following for my photos of  Assignment Four.        

Today on Google there is a link to a new Trek on the Google Earth/Street View. Intrigued I went to it and saw this about the Great Pyramids of Giza. I scrolled down four times until I reached the ‘Digging for Truth’ I’ve not stopped staring at it. I love how the five clips brilliantly and […]

Through this course I’ve discovered my love of film and photography combined together. I love creating a video to go alongside the photos. Hope you enjoy it. The Magic Gemstone Ilona has been ill with m.e an invisible illness that casts her world in black and white of pain and misery. Then one day her sister […]

Phew, I’ve finally completed Assignment Four, it was probably one of the quicker assignments. It took maybe a week with intense photography and a lot of research before hand. There was also tones of frustration especially with the form aspect, I was ready to knock the ‘improvised studio’ across the room! Luckily it did that […]

I had to take two photos, one using just a naked light, the second using a diffuser, in this case a piece of tracing paper. Initally I took a photo of my amethyst gemstone, the object I am intending to use in the assignment, I shot in daylight in my room but shut the curtains […]

I was taking photos of the flowers when this little aphid alighted on my hand. With the camera set to self timer and the macro lens attached I held my finger up to the camera and tried to get the aphid in focus in the ten second timer. As I took it the wind blew […]

The Red Arrows display wasn’t exactly the time I wanted to shoot the Cloudy Weather section, but photographers have no control over the weather, they can only harness it to create the effects they want and work with the available light. Everyone was crowded around shivering with the overcast freezing day and I decided to […]

I recently went to a local photography show featuring photos from a wide variety of ages. The gallery was split into several categories, the one I was most interested was the wildlife photo. My two  favorites depicted a tiger staring right at the camera. It was quite a close crop so the focus was completely […]

I had to take several photos on high and lower sensitivity by using different ISO on an overcast day when light level, subject movement or depth of field was only just possible . It just so happened that as I set off to do exactly that the sun came out. And it stayed for several weeks. Which […]