The Journey Begins

My photography course – The Art of Photography – arrived a few days ago and I’m already loving it. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t due to the last course I took, but I didn’t need to worry at all. It’s so fun and I’m really excited for all the projects. And my tutor sounds really good and I can’t wait to start work.

I’m starting officially tomorrow as I haven’t been well this week.  I have CFS. ME and haven’t been able to go to school or Uni, so to find this amazing distance learning college is fantastic. Despite my health I can still achieve my dreams.
I’m going to be ordering all the books on the reading list and am looking forward to them arriving. I read a lot of Tom Angs books, he’s an amazing photographer and equally amazing writer. I find the images in his book very inspiring.
I’m think I’m also going to be investing in a new printer cause I see that there is a lot to print in the course and I don’t think my family will be too happy when they find the ink cartridges empty. So that’s something I’ll have to sort out.
The course says to start looking for interesting backgrounds or objects and recommended an old chopping board which I thought was great. I think that could produce a really raw and rustic image if you had a perfect subject. Hopefully Mum won’t notice it’s gone missing…
Asides from that I’ve skipped ahead in the course to see what activities I’ll be doing so I can start thinking about the best subject. I’m thinking of a small waterfall for the shutter speed project but when I decided on this, the man made one I was going to use has dried up. So I’ll have to think about that.
So far I have just been taking photos of my cats, here’s one I was quite pleased with. At first I took a photo of her in the sunlight but that created harsh shadows and overblown highlights so I got Dad to stand by her, his shadow covered her in shade and I was able to get the detail in her eyes. I still wish I’d used a faster shutter speed though.
Well I’m off to study my favourite magazine, Outdoor Photography, it has to be my favourite especially as I found the course through it.
I’d love to get to know anyone taking the course so if you’re reading this why not say hi 😀
Hope everyone’s had a great weekend
Chloe xxx


  1. Good luck with the course Chloe!

    1. Thank you so much Yvonne 😀

    2. Thank you very much 😀

  2. Hi Chloe! I hope you enjoy TAOP as much as I did. OCA allows many people who couldn’t attend a bricks and mortar institution a way to study art and quite a few fellow students also are struggling with health issues so you are not alone.

    Do keep joining in the forums, including the Flickr student site. Flickr is a key way to share and get feedback on work. You can also see there work done by a student who is quadriplegic and has started using photography to explore his condition (in a very unsentimental way). Looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Hi Eileen. Thank you very much, I certainly am loving the course, it’s fantastic and so much fun. It is really inspiring. It is a fantastic place for people with health issues, I never thought i would be able to do something like this, so the fact that I can means so much to me 😀
      Have you finished the TAOP? Did you move onto the next level? For the full degree?

      I certainly will go and look at the forums. It looks really great. Gosh, that is inspiring how the student does that. I will see if I can find some of his work now.

      Thank you very much.


  3. Chloe – another welcome to the course from me. The good thing about the electronic network of course participants is there are so many different approaches to how people have gone about the course to fit with their time constraints and their personal photographic interests. Lots of interesting ideas in peoples’ blogs. I have also found the networks good because you can dip into the experiences of others who are further into assignments or have even finished TAOP and gone on to the other modules. I am in the process of completing Assignment 3 on Colour and have enjoyed the other assignments but still so much to learn. Quite a learning experience. Good luck with your studies. David

    1. Hey David, thank you. Yeah it’s brilliant, whenever I’m thinking how to do the next thing, I look at all my class mates pages and see what they’ve done, especially the technical side. Wow, you’re quite a bit ahead of me, how did you find the shutter speed and panning? Thanks and good luck to you as well, but looking at your photos I don’t think you need it 😀 Have you got Blipfoto, an OCA student introduced me to it and it’s brilliant. This is mine, I only started a few days ago

  4. Hi Chloe, I’m also on the same course too. I’m learning lots although its taking me longer than I thought! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog, you’ll be catching me up soon! I need to work quicker! Take care Rachel

    1. Hey Rachel, awesome, I love your page! I was worried that I’d go through the course too fast but like you say I’m suddenly a bit behind. Mainly because of health but I’m catching up. Haha! Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been doing the shutter speeds today, in the rain with poor Mum and Dad hurriedly racing over to me shouting ‘there’s a car coming, quick, take it’ They’re really great the way they help carry equipment and stuff 😀 Which exercise are you on next? I’m doing the dreaded panning tomorrow 😛
      Take care

      1. The one after the panning which I found really tricky. It took me a couple of attempts but still think I need more practise! The one I’m worrying about the most is the market/festival/gathering type one, being in the middle east you have to be careful what you photograph and who you photograph so might have to wait until I get back to the UK in summer before I do that one and skip over it for now! Tricky!
        Sounds like your parents are being amazing and supportive which is fantastic. I need to make sure I don’t fall behind!
        Good luck with the panning tomorrow.

      2. Hey, do you mean the one looking through the viewfinder? That one was hard, I had to do that several times until I was happy. And the shutter speeds are always tough, I don’t really have a head for the maths part. I seem to be doing the projects in a weird order, but my health makes that happen. Wow that project will be hard with all those rules. What’s it like over there today?
        Yeah my parents are brilliant and so is my sister 😀
        Thank you, hope the course is going well and enjoy your summer in the UK 😀

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