Exercise: Focus with a set aperture.

For this exercise I had to take three photos where each focal point was the same but the aperture was different.

I was told to find a scene with depth and as it was pouring down with rain, I looked for something in the house. I didn’t have to look long though as I decided to use the piano. It has great depth with the keys and if I got really low down right to the keys, using the sides of the piano as parallel lines to draw your eye in.

I do have a tripod but there was no way it would fit between the couch and the piano, so I sat on the couch and balanced the camera vertically on the edge of the piano, while holding it in place with one hand. I took the photos but then realised the door in the background was distracting, see below.  So I shut the door and moved every distracting piece of furniture and re-took the photos.


This time I had my three final images.

I really like the first one as the blurred keys draw your eyes along the keys. I love the soft focus and depth of field.


This one is still slightly blurred, but a lot sharper than the first one as it’s shot at f/13.0 but it seems to be the one everyone I showed likes best.


This one was shot with the smallest aperture, I altered the shutter speed to compensate. I took two of these photos as due to the slower shutter speed the last one was quite blurred.


I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, experimenting with aperture and seeing how it alters a photo.



  1. A fabulous subject to show the effects of depth of field! Nicely done.

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot.

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