Focal Lengths and Different Viewpoints.

For this exercise I had to take two photos of the same object using a telephoto and wide-angle lens. I don’t own a telephoto so instead used my Sigma macro lens.

I chose this windmill as my subject as it was stationary, so if I didn’t get the right shot I could come back here and not worry about it not being there.  Also assuming the exposure was right, the white would stand out well against a blue background.


I took the first photo with the macro lens. I was standing over ten metres away from it and the windmill filled the frame. It was harder than I thought as if the sails fitted the frame then the base didn’t. I decided to concentrate on getting the base to fit tightly in the frame.



I was surprised when I took the photo with the wide angle how close I had to get to the subject for it to fill the frame, and even when I was standing right on top of the windmill, it was still registering as too small to fill the frame. I took this photo.


Analysing the two photos, I prefer the image taken with the wide angle as it is a lot more dramatic than the other and you really get the sense of the structure towering over you. Although it does look a little distorted, as I had to be so close, it has the most viewing power out of the two images. The other feels more like a traditional shot that anyone visiting the windmill would take.  The one taken with the wide-angle lens also has a less cluttered background and foreground.Image


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