Dividing the Frame

Dividing the Frame.

For this exercise I had to study several of my already taken photographs and decide how the balance works in each.

These are the ones I chose. I’ve never analysed my photos like this before so I’m interested in seeing what I will learn.

Photo One.


The balance achieved here is with the main emphasis on the bright sun. There is also balance between the colours, the burnt orange on the top with the bottom a pitch black. The horizon cuts through the photo giving it a s

Symmetry plays a big part in this photo from the way the horizon cuts through the photo, and the clouds and sky seem almost the same on both sides of the sun.

Everything in the image revolves around the sun which is the main focal point. It balances everything else out.

The foliage on the top of the black landscape also follow the symmetry. The middle of the image forms a triangle in the form of the sun, reflection of the sea and the shape formed by the caravans and foliage.

This is shown in the drawing of a weighing scale. Below.Image

Photo Two


The two flowers are in sharp focus and the blurred background due to a wide aperture balances it out with the contrast of the two. The vibrant purple and pink are on opposite sides of the colour wheel to the green background which also balances it out.


Photo Three


Symmetry plays a huge part here as well, the concrete cuts through the bottom of the picture with the continued reflection of the rollercoaster and the repetition of the arches throughout the photo is pleasing to the eye. The railings, which cut through at an angle, is repeated in the form of the building on the left.Image

Photo Four


The balance here is achieved by colour, the stark contrast of the black against the light green stands out and the fly positioned in the left side of the frame balances out with the large plant filling most of the right side.


Photo FiveImage

Again the balance is achieved by the contrasting colours, black, white and blue. The position of the bench in the middle of the frame reinforces the cold empty atmosphere I was trying to achieve. There are three layers ( the ground, sea and sky) and each one is a different colour which balances the other out so the colours are in harmony but still providing interest.


Photo Six


Here the two focal points are the girls face and the hand. The fact that the rest of her face isn’t viewable makes the hand and face appear almost similar in shape and colour and the viewer is able to focus in on the tiny dandelion clock. The soft background is a colour that balances with the orange of her coat.


I found this exercise extremely challenging, more so than the ones where you had to take a specific photo. I’ve never analysed my work like this before but I learnt a great deal the more I studied the photos until eventually I started to relax and see the balance more easily and realise just how essential it is to achieving the best photo and how symmetry is used to good effect.


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