Positioning the Horizon

Positioning the Horizon

In this exercise I am going to be exploring the different effects you can achieve in photography by changing the position of the horizon. I tried this out several times on a beach but I didn’t get the photo I wanted, it just seemed a bit lacking.

So when I went on holiday to Dorset I took my course and looked out for the perfect place. When we arrived at Chesil Beach I decided this was the place. Because of my health I can’t walk far at all without a wheelchair, so I sat on the edge of the beach and took the photos. Chesil Beach is made up completely of shingle and the huge expanse is like a desert, coupled with the dramatic blue sky and I knew I’d found the perfect place. 

Here the line of the horizon is near the top of the frame, the emphasis is on the beach, which takes over the whole picture. Your eyes are drawn from the pebbles right the way to the horizon where the small stones and figures reinforce the whole feeling of space. Though I feel there isn’t enough contrast and the sky is too minimal to have much impact.Image


As the horizon is lowered as in photo three, the emphasis is still on the beach though the sky creates a nice contrast. 


In this photo the horizon is positioned centrally which gives balance to both the beach and the sky. This is the photo I prefer and you can really feel the expanse of the beach and sky each trying to rival the other. 


With the horizon near the bottom of the frame the whole emphasis is on the sky, which is giant in proportion to the beach. It’s interesting to see how both huge expanses can be dramatically changed with the positioning of the horizon. 

The emphasis on the sky would work if there were clouds, but with just pure blue there isn’t much to add interest.


The final photo makes it feel like it’s been taken in a desert with the sky powering the whole image and the beach just a small sliver at the bottom; the tiny figures reiterate the comparison of small and large. 


I also took a photo when I lay on the ground to get individual shingle to fill the screen and with this altitude the sky and cloud makes more of an interesting appearance. With the foreground slightly blurred the eye is drawn further away into the difference where the figures in the distance are like pin heads. I also like the face that the stones are blurred and seem to rush into the picture like water flowing over rocks.



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