Project Two. Positioning Multiple Points

Before I started this project I read the part about multiple points in Michael Freemans book. It was incredibly useful and I loved the way each element in the photo linked to the other in some way.

I have always admired photos taken o food and the compositional techniques used and really wanted to achieve something like that. Though I saw that a project similar to this would be coming up in Assignment two, so I decided to leave the food photography for that. Instead I gathered together several shells and started planning how they would look. At first I used the wooden table as a background but the lines in the wood I felt were distracting. And the wood didn’t complement the shells as much. I found a piece of blue paper and laid the first shell on it. The paper worked because it was both complementing and contrasting against the white and brownish colours of the shells.

With the camera positioned pointing downwards at the paper, locked into position on a tripod, I began. My plan being to create a photo where the conical shells acted like arrows and pointed at the main element, the first shell.


The first photo is clearly wrong as the table appears underneath the paper. So I changed the paper position


This time the shell is placed on the intercrossing rule of thirds lines with the shell on its side so that it reflects the Fibbonaci pattern which I had been reading about in my book, The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition by Tony Worobiec. To avoid confusion I shall call the pink shell, Point A and the others in order of the alphabet.


The white shell was placed to the side of the main element, turned so the lines pointed to the pink shell.


An identical shell was placed, slightly overlapping on its twin.


Point Four was placed lower in the screen, curving round to add interest. I was so focused on the composition, I failed to adjust the focus and it is slightly blurred. Though this makes the viewers eye wanderer deeper into the photograph.


The position of the shell changed so both ends were parallel and acted as pointers, one leading up reinforcing the pattern.


Now I decided to introduce a different element, a pale pink marble. I chose this as not only did it create interest but the round element complemented point A. The swirls continue to direct the eye.


Now the curve continues and is also altered as Point F is introduced. This is meant to act as an arrow pointing up to Point A.


To create a triangle, I positioned Point G with the tips almost touching and both directed at Point A. They are both the same shell which creates harmony.


Point H was placed to complete the triangle between the last two points but it was placed too low in the frame and the eye is led straight off the photo.


I didn’t notice that at first though and positioned a white cockle shell in the top right hand corner.


Noticing my mistake I removed the last two points and altered the position of the two cornets.


I also reintrocuded Point H again positioning it further up the frame but also to complete the triangle.


Point I was placed with the base also pointing to join the direction posed by the cornets.


I changed Point H so the holes in the shells were both creating their own circular repetition within the photo.


The completed photo represents the Fibonacci pattern which is also reiterated through the actual shells themselves. This is why Point A was positioned as the main focus of the photo with all the other shells leading in a curve to the main element.
My only regret is that I didn’t use a small aperture as all of the shells would be in focus. But perhaps this way the eye is lead over the wide aperture and straight to the main element.



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