Assignment One: Tutor Feedback

Thoughts on Tutor Feedback. I’ll write my tutors comments in bold.

“A good exploration of the assignment and the blog presents this clearly. The addition of the emailed attachment helps with this clarity. You are reading the assignments and unpicking the ideas. Continue to develop this further as this is good practice. You have energetically explored the assignment and have begun some evaluation of the outcomes. You have begun to observe and respond creatively. Continue to seek out new knowledge and experiences and evidence them within the blog. This is a good first assignment and illustrates your willingness to explore imaginative solutions. I have made some specific comments on your images, these are not necessarily things to do or change but rather things to consider in future assignments.”

My tutor, Sam Henderson said this was a good exploration into Assignment One and that the blog presented it clearly. She also liked that I sent an email with the photos without just relying on the blog. Next time she would like to see some printed images so I am wondering whether to rely on my printer or go to a photo printing shop. Any thoughts? My computer isn’t calibrated, I don’t think, so I might choose the latter.

You have energetically explored the assignment and have begun some evaluation of the outcomes. You have begun to observe and respond creatively. Continue to seek out new knowledge and experiences and evidence them within the blog. This is a good first assignment and illustrates your willingness to explore imaginative solutions. I have made some specific comments on your images, these are not necessarily things to do or change but rather things to consider in future assignments.

I’m really pleased about this, especially about the creativity part. I always want to take a different type of photo and capture moments in time that are sometimes overlooked in peoples busy live. It’s lucky that I am quite enthusiastic and find the beauty in everything, especially nature. I could photograph every element of it if I could. ‘Begun’ is the word here that strikes me most and spurs me on to improve greatly on my next assignment. It shows that I am thinking about everything but not enough. I need to use more technical jargon, describe things more professionally and work more on the composition and overall feeling of the photograph. She also suggested that I should visit some photography exhibitions and to reflect more about books on my reading list and also to study more photographers and the way they take photos. As her feedback is very constructive this has inspired me even more to do well in this course. Here is her feedback on my photos.

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

Rough and Smooth Some good exploration here, I wonder if you demonstrate both contrasts in each of these images? Some more textural detail may also have added to the effect of rough ie get closer and use the light to reinforce the idea. The change in angle gives this image an energy, although as you suggested the foreground is distracting with the out of focus items pushing into the side of the frame.

I am pleased her with her comment here though at the time I realised both photos represented rough and smooth. I should have re thought it and searched for a different subject to highlight the contrasts more. I like her idea of getting closer to further explore the contrasts. I shall do this in future when necessary.

Still and Moving This is a powerful image. You have made some very considered decisions about the framing and composition; further discussing these along with your inspiration is a good way of working. Continue to explore and reflect upon your work in this manner. Include references to other artists and even include examples of their working methodology in your workbook. In your waterfall image it is interesting you have chosen to blur the movement of water in your demonstration of moving. I would also suggest that the white sky could cause some difficulties when printing as there is no information in the file and this could cause your print to either appear blown out or have a colour cast. It was however a good exercise for you to experiment with a long exposure.

I’m extremely pleased she enjoyed my photo for still, depicting a leaf and its reflection on a puddle. I will continue to explore and reflect more on my photography. She suggests I include references to other photographers and this is a great idea and I will start to do so now. I already like photographers such as Tom Ang, Ian Farrell and many others. I know a lot of the great photographers are on some art websites which I am a member of. Perhaps I should – with their permission – study some of their works on my blog. It’s a shame about the moving image, it was my first long exposure and I think I should have used some post processing to eliminate the white sky and to perhaps make it blue. I like to take a photo where it is perfect in camera, but perhaps I should start to use Photoshop more to further improve it.

Sharp and Blunt This image was nicely seen. I wouldn’t have got too close either! The composition is fine although manipulating the point of focus even more on the action and cropping out the flower heads could have really concentrated the viewer on this unusual sight. The coins in the log are interesting and your angle of view and use of the focus and lines of energy make this an interesting image and unusual interpretation of the idea.

I wish that I had cropped the image now, but I hadn’t wanted to reduce it to a square as I read that balance is harder to find in those images. But it may have worked on this example By eliminating the distractions the image would have proved to be a lot stronger. I decided to follow her advice and here is the result.

IMGP1049 Small and Large An interesting image to demonstrate small, I wonder if it actually indicated a large vista of enterprise? In contrast your image of large could be just the globe, which gives the impression of a small world? It was useful to have the small child in the image to give an idea of the ratio.

When taking this image I didn’t think about the fact that all the elements would create a large vista of enterprise, instead I thought that the trucks and tractors would further reinforce the smallness of the hay bales. I originally took’ large’, without the child, but I didn’t feel that it suited the image as it didn’t have anything to compare the height to. Perhaps if I had stood right underneath so it was against the sky it would have looked even more impressive.

Curved and Straight The curve here is further highlighted by the shadow. I would suggest you have cropped this image quite hard on the left hand side so it almost becomes a broken curve? The straight image is a good study of all the elements that contribute to make up the idea of straight although the curved top could confuse matters a little? It does look like a grey day and this did support your image to separate the lines, you could have exposed it a little better as on screen this looks a bit dark?

When I took ‘curved’ I deliberately gave it a tight crop to show the curve, I didn’t think that it would create a broken curve. So I am annoyed with myself about this. Again I put two of the contrasts in one image together, assuming the curved rail would reinforce the straightness of the rails. I agree about the lighting, I should have exposed it better.

High and Low This is a good experiment of looking for an image here. The change in angle and the lines do take the viewer on a downward tour! The intrusion of the dark object in the lower left of the image again is distracting? The low image is very colourful. You have reflected on why you took the image in the way you did and you make some really good points about your choices, the image isn’t quite as powerful though as the composition is a little lacking, but well seen.

When I was looking at the photo of ‘high’ on my computer I saw the annoying brown distraction in the corner and I don’t know why I didn’t edit it out. I need to reinstall Photoshop as it is refusing to open at the moment, which is causing me trouble with certain elements of the course. The photo for low was taken quite quickly as we were driving off. I should have taken the time I needed to ensure not only the contrast was right, but the composition which makes or breaks a photo.

Many and Few Good evidence of technical research to achieve the firework images. The final image is well composed and the addition of the people in the foreground helps to present the image. The image for few is interesting. I like the angle here and the curves going around the couple and it was very good practice to talk to your models and get their permission, good work.

I am glad my tutor was pleased that I had done research for taking night photography as my photos before the research had failed. I was also pleased that she enjoyed the photo for few and there wasn’t much improvement needed for it.

Sweet and Sour This is a well constructed image and is a pleasant demonstration of sweet. You have obviously researched how to approach this and bringing together the factors makes this a solid image. Hope you got to eat it after! In the sour image the close crop to bring the expression forward is fun and your poor sister looks in pain! The blue dress alongside the yellow lemon is also a good contrast.

I was hoping for positive feedback on ‘Sweet’ out of all the photos because I worked so hard researching everything about food photography and how to make it look appealing. So I was extremely happy with her feedback on the photo. And yes, I did get to eat it afterwards.

Dark and Light This is a very simple image but the simplicity is its strength. Also consider the composition, why is it so central, would the dark be ‘heavier’ than the light or are they balanced? Lots of interesting ideas here and the introduction of the yin and yang concept is exciting and has potential.

I’m very happy that she liked my Dark and Light photograph with the theme of yin and yang. She says it has potential so this is maybe something I should try and develop in one of my nearing assignments or projects. Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context What is limited at the moment is a real critical depth from your reading and exhibition visits. This is an essential element for underpinning degree study, if this is your intention. This needs to be a key aspect of your learning plan for the next stage of development. Use your blog and workbook to reflect on your intentions, compare and explore other artist’s approaches to begin to place your practice in a wider context.

This is very true, though I have been researching all the subjects and reading all the photographic material I can get my hands on, I haven’t been adding it to my student log. I also have been working more on the actual photography. However starting from now I will be using my student log a lot more.

Suggested reading/viewing Context It is time to browse and reflect on some of the books from the reading lists now. This will introduce you to the breadth of photographic practice and help you to define our own practice and where it sits. I suggest you look at Liz Wells, start by dipping into this reading as it can be challenging when you first start but as your own understanding and vocabulary grows this will become easier.

I have purchased several of the books from the essential reading list, which I wish I had done before, and will review them soon as well as different photographers. Pointers for the next assignment I would like to see the exercises more clearly presented in the blog as these can really help me to see how they informed your assignment work. You have clearly indicated assignment one but then the exercises are more random. As you do more exercises and assignments you need to really make clear what is where. Much more evidence of your reading and research is needed here. You have sometimes referred to the technical study you have made but you also need to visit the theory element alongside this. For your next assignment submission I would really like to see a sample of prints, this provides us with another area to discuss and develop.

Overall I’m very pleased with my results and they will spur me on to improve even more and hopefully this will be reflected in my next feedback on Assignment Two.


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  1. A good result that, Chloe! I can see how you would be pleased – getting the first assignment out of the way and getting some sort of idea of what is expected is, I think, the biggest hurdle to this kind of learning!

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