Photographer Study. Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse

(Incase of copyright issues of the photographers, I won’t feature their images here. Instead I will post links to the actual image)

Andy Rouse is a name that is famous throughout the world. His breathtaking images taken of the natural world serve to inspire, to awe and to cause the planet to fall completely in love with his photography. There is something about his work that is magical. The world seems to stand still as you gaze at his photos. You are completely hypnotised by the incredible connection between the animal he is photographing and you, the viewer. So what is it about his work that makes it shine out from the millions of nature images? What technique does he use to capture this beauty? For my study of photographers, I decided to find out.

Andy Rouse

The first time I bought a book of his photography, I fell completely in love. Every single image made you feel something. It wasn’t just a photo, some printed ink on a page., it was real and the emotional connection was overpowering. I think that the powerful emotions arisen from his photos are all to do with the animal. It’s as though it has suddenly seen you looking at the photo and has stared directly at you. The sharp unflinching eye contact of the creature being photographed is so real and direct, it is that what makes everything fade away around you.

What I noticed with all his photos is that they never show anything man made. And in this world with over eight billion people, to find so many images with only pure nature is a real task. His photos depict wildlife and flora in their natural habitat and usually the depth of field is so shallow that no details can be made out apart from the colours which always perfectly complement the subject. I love his use of colours and how they create part of the beauty of the image.
The other magical component in his photo is due to the light. Whether it’s a silhouette of giraffes strolling across a savanna backlit by the setting sun, or a photo of a hippopotamus rising from the river with the light fallen perfectly, light plays a huge part. And his use of it is original and unique.

I love how he depicts the natural world in all its beauty, concentrating purely on the connection between the viewer and the subject. His photos are different because they breathe an incredible magic that moves the viewer and causes them to be lost in this absolutely beautiful world.

So what have I learnt and how will I use it to help develop my skills in the course.

I am eager to try some wildlife photography myself. There is a squirrel that often visits our garden and with my telephoto I am going to use all the skills I’ve learnt to try and capture a photo showing the beautiful creature and its home.

Techniques.Wide aperture. Shallow depth of field.
No distractions. Background complements subject.
Concentrate on lighting.
Direct eye contact between wildlife and viewer.


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