Project : Rectangles

Rectangles are yet another compositional tool to shape the way in which we approach a photo. At first when I was starting this project I assumed I would be searching for buildings or other architecture that shared this trait. However first I decided to search around the house to see what I could find. I was pleasantly surprised and searching for these things increases your artistic vision as you notice more.

Outdoor Photography Canada wrote

Scientists have determined that humans’ natural view of the world is a horizontal oval and as such a horizontal rectangular frame best approximates our world view. No wonder the vast majority of images are composed in horizontal format – this is naturally the way we see the world.” This of course refers to the actual frame in which the photo is composed, but it can also be used in context with rectangles in composition. I imagine that this would mean that rectangles could be used as an element in photography that is attractive to viewers.


The first photo I took was of the dining room chair. I wanted to create a photo that was interesting to look at so experimented with a few angles and backdrops. Eventually I settled on the chair against a white door. I made sure I was directly in front of it so the rectangle didn’t become a trapezoid. The rectangle is formed from the negative space around the bars.


I used the same chair for a close up, bringing some abstract qualities by placing the door handle in the rectangle to show the focal point and also give a letterbox viewing system.


With the letterbox idea in mind I took this photo. I like the reflections and textures across the metal, which brings more interest to what would be a plain photo.


Then I included a rectangular sign to reiterate the pattern, contrasting against the diagonal shapes.

IMG_1451The driveway consists of rectangular shapes that on its own would be just a static photo with no human interest. I then spotted this leaf that immediately brings focal interest to the image. Especially with the colour and contrast.


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