The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition: Book Review

Book Review

The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition.
Tony Worobiec

I bought this book several weeks ago. I set off to the shop intending to get another photography book but I wasn’t sure which. At first, glancing at it in the shop, I thought this seemed a little bland, not exploding with colour like some of my other books. But I noticed how almost every chapter seemed to have a link with something in my course, diagonal lines, curves etc., and immediately bought it.

After owning it for a few weeks I can’t explain the invaluable knowledge I have pertained through it and also the inspiration to create photos. Whenever I start the next exercise on my course, I refer to this book and Michael Freemans, The Photographers Eye. I’ve taken photos for many years but I’ve never really read in depth about the process, apart from aforementioned books such as Tom Ang and Ian Farrell. So I found Michael Freemans book brilliant, but slightly ahead of what I’d been used to. Only certain parts like the ‘Gestalt Perception theory’. Reading it in the Photographers Eye, I could comprehend it but not to the level that I could explain it thoroughly understanding it. However, when I read it in Photographic Composition, I grasped it immediately and was able to understand it in even more depth. So I’d recommend this to anyone who needs that stepping stone between starting the course and The Photographers Eye.

Outdoor Photography Magazine


Another great source of information comes in the form of Outdoor Photography magazine. It’s published monthly and focuses on every type of photography pertaining to the outdoors, from macro to landscape. It features inspirational photographers who give you invaluable tips, breathtaking pieces of works and fascinating columnists who teach you about different subjects every month. Even if you feel like taking a break from photographic reading, you can admire the stunning photos of a wide variety of subjects. I was very lucky to receive a subscription to this inspiring magazine from my Godmother and I would recommend it to anyone who is doing this course or who loves photography full stop. And at £4.25 it’s worth it for the invaluable knowledge you will acquire.

If anyone can recommend any photography books or magazines I’d love to hear. Thanks.

The images of the magazine and book I’ve used are from google images. No copyright infringement is intended.


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