Project: Circles

Before this course I had never stopped to look at all the different shapes in photography. If I saw a Ferris Wheel for example, I would know it was a circle, but I wouldn’t think about the effects of using it in composition.

My first idea for a circle was the Ferris wheel on Blackpool Central Pier. We arrived there early afternoon as the sun was going down and the lighting was beautiful. The sky was a pale blue and all the colours were in harmony, so I didn’t need to exposure compensate for the sky or foreground.
I took several photos with the Ferris wheel positioned differently in each frame.

This is a landscape photo including many distracting elements, but the eye is drawn immediately to the Ferris wheel. This is because the circle has an enclosing effect and tries to render all the other elements as less important.


I wanted to remove the distraction of the bin and composed it with the Ferris wheel near to the right of the frame. I wasn’t sure how it would work at first, but I think the harmony of the image comes from the implied line between the Ferris wheel, directly above the join of the railings.


This landscape photo was taken at 67mm. The photo depicts quite a sphere of influence with the people, the buildings, lampposts and many others.
The two main focal points are Blackpool tower and the Ferris wheel. The bin in the foreground acts as a fulcrum, tying the two structures together in a triangle shape and bringing equilibrium into the photo.

The next photo is different as the circle concentrates more on containing the focal point. I noticed the stunning reflections of the overhanging trees and decided this was perfect. Circles act as powerful elements of design enclosing objects and causing anything outside the circle, to be of weaker impact. In the case of this photo, the birdbath becomes a more interesting photo with the addition of the tree reflections. This project really taught me to look more deeply at the shapes and their attributes. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the effects.


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