Beginning Assignment Two

Due to bad health I am quite behind on the course though am working hard to catch up. I have almost completed assignment two, it’s just a matter of writing it up and organising everything.

I’ve been looking at my tutors comments for the previous assignment to see how I can improve both in my photography and writing. Initially I was going to choose ‘pets’ for the assignment theme. However I soon realised that my cats could be extremely uncooperative, which is why I settled on the theme of Christmas. It seemed perfect as Christmas was approaching rapidly and everywhere lights twinkled, adorning towns and trees, baubles glimmered, mouth watering food covered the kitchen table. However I soon realised that as soon as Christmas was over I would be under a time limit before the lights and trees came down and the world was back to normal.

Luckily, I think I may have just got all the photos I needed and can start preparing this assignment for printing.


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