Since joining this course I’ve signed up to several photography newsletters. Not only do they impart invaluable knowledge on a daily basis but they also provide the photos and information to inspire. There’s something for everyone and every situation. For instance for one of the later assignments, telling a story, I’m going to be photographing a family members wedding. I was asked to be the official photographer unfortunately my health just will not allow this but I’m still going to be taking photos. Therefore it was fantastic when on the email newsletter today I saw about photographing a friends wedding with top tips and inspiring photographs. It’s something I would recommend all photographers and fellow course mates to sign up to. Maybe you’re feeling a bit lacking in photographic inspiration, these emails will help bring back that motivation and help you tackle all sorts of subjects.

Yesterday’s email from PictureCorrect Photography was brilliant. The photographer Eric Levin was asked by Rebok to photograph their NHL Jerseys in the style of a superhero. Here’s a video showing how the shoot went.

As I don’t have all those professional lighting equipment I’m going to research natural light sources and also homemade replacements. This also relates to the colour unit because they didn’t use any editing to capture those rich strong colors. It will give me something to think about when beginning the upcoming exercise: Primary and Secondary Colours. Any suggestions on lighting would be great.


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