Research. Colour Relationships

I love reading about the power of colour and the emotions it can generate and because of this I’m really enjoying this unit.
I made a mind map to studying the effects that each colour has on people and the way in which it achieves this.

The photos used in the mind map are stock images and are used purely for educational purposes here. Though the one representing green is my own photo.

What really inspired me in the ‘OCA colour Resources’ were the three ways in which colour resonates with a person.


Visual works on a straightforward basis, you see the colour blue, you acknowledge it and move on.

Expressive is when you start to feel something, for instance a photo of a white lighthouse backdropped against a pure powerful blue sky. You can feel the warm sun, the intense blue, connotations of Summer and days by the sea.

Symbolism, to me, is the most powerful of the three. Several different people can look at the same photo and each feel something completely different. Maybe one person feels the memory of childhood summers spent by the sea with family. One might feel fear if the colour evokes a memory or some day. Another may feel happiness or sadness, the emotions of the colour are all tied up in that persons life and soul.

When you create a photo that makes people feel all those things then you have created something more than photo. You’ve photographed the heart and soul of life itself.


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