Colour Research – Blue and Orange

The ratio or orange and blue in photography should be 1:2 as devised by the German poet and playwright, J W Von Goethe. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Perhaps they shouldn’t work so well together, but they do.

Before I try and photograph my own version I want to study some photos, which incorporate these colours.

You can see some amazing photos here. I would include them in this post but I don’t want to cause any copyright infringement.

The colour blue connotes feelings of reflective moods, distance, coolness and passivity along with faith loyalty and stability.

In contrast orange is the colour of fire, radiating light with the qualities of both red and yellow, which radiate light.

It’s fascinating that when you bring these colours together they each come into their own, sparking energy and light through a calm scene.

When I saw these images I wanted to research steel wool spinning, then I noticed you needed a fire extinguisher and decided against attempting this. I’m not sure ‘it was for my course’ would justify burning anything down.

So I will ambition to find some more natural ways or capturing these colours. I’m going to research sunset and sunrise times and aim to capture the blues and oranges together. I’ll also research sunset photography so I can visualise everything before I set off and work from there.


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