Assignment Two Feedback

I was extremely pleased with my tutor feedback on Assignment Two. I really tried to create images that were interesting ,different and appealing in a variety of subjects, so to read what my tutor said was really uplifting.

Tutors comments in bold.
My reflection in standard.

Overall Comments
Your experimentation with the technical exercises is useful and this is informing your own practice. You have done a good job on doing what was technically asked in the assignment and experimented with your approach.

Your use of a mood board to provide a creative movement is good practice and it is obvious this has inspired you.

Good evidence of your journey in the research, continue to include your writing/ artistic exploration etc.

Looking at the exercises and approaching them with a theme in mind meant you were looking for a body of work and providing an atmosphere, this is a way of working to further explore.

I am pushing myself to write more technically and showing why and how I took the photographs. I’m glad she enjoyed the inclusion of a mood board and also the evolution of my ideas.

Assessment potential

I understand your aim is to go for the Photography/Creative Arts* Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course. From the work you have shown in this assignment, and providing you commit yourself to the course, I suggest that you are likely to be successful in the assessment.

This is possibly the best part of the whole feedback, it’s my ambition to go for formal assessment and get the photography degree so this is extremely encouraging that she feels I should be able to achive this. I’m even more motivated to improve my photography and aim to do the very best I can.

Feedback on assignment
Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity
I like your way of working with an initial plan to give some direction, and then reflecting on how your ideas have developed from this is useful.

This exercise is also to help you recognize the issues of some lighting situations that although you can make adjustments in post production, if the original file is as sound as it can be it will be a much easier file to deal with.

Your reflections on the experience of engaging in this assignment are honest and searching. You have obviously used some of the skills learnt from the earlier assignment to inform this one and deciding to take images with a theme is part of this.

The exercises are a good demonstration of your engagement in the tasks although you didn’t really delve into still life approaches at this stage? I have made some suggestions of artists who may be of interest in this way of working.

I really like the way you did not approach this assignment only as an exercise in technique but as an exploration of objects and atmosphere. As you journey through the module you will find this will help you to be more engaged with the work. That old adage of not how you take the picture but why?


Single Point


Really well controlled point of focus and the bold colour and shape provide the main point very well. The simplicity of this image is what works, the point of focus, leading lines and the tight crop is bold and demonstrates a visual confidence.

I couldn’t be happier with her feedback here. I was slightly nervous about this image because of such a small DOF and also straying away from my usual photography style, so I was really pleased.

Two Points

This is a visually pleasing image, not quite sure what I am looking at to begin with but it is attractive and as you say could be considered abstract. This is a well seen interpretation.

Out of all the images this was one of my favourites, I love trying to spot the magic in the mundane and capture the beauty of life that is missed so often in busy life.

Distinct if irregular shapes
The image is interesting although could have been more carefully framed as the edges of the table are a little distracting and they ‘bend’! I really like your reflection on the effect of the use of a circular shape, and the visual pressure this creates.

I wish I had composed this image better, I couldn’t get the edges to stay lined up as I was standing on a chair hovering over the food but I should have corrected this in photoshop. I’ll pay more attention to visually distracting elements like this from now on.

Vertical and horizontal lines

A pleasing image and the balance is well delivered with the lines and the colours to add further emphasis on the shape.

I’m very happy with this.

A good example of diagonal lines and you have considered the positioning of your slightly grumpy looking cat! I wonder if this image could be better composed for balance as there does seem to be too much empty space on the right but points of interest on the left. As the viewer I look at the cats face first and this is a little soft on the focus?

I should have focused more on Arran, the cats, face. I think I took this too fast not thinking about the important details. I see exactly what she means about the balance, I will think about this more in my future work.


Good reference to your inspiration in your research here, it is good to keep exploring how other artists have used a variety of techniques to share their message/ story. Very well controlled focus points here and the final image is very warm.

I’m really pleased that my tutor liked how I did some research for this one into the work of the Dutch Artist.

An interesting interpretation of rhythm, not sure I can actually see it but the image is crisp and tightly cropped with a selective point of focus. There is a repeat of the warm round shapes which is pleasing.

Perhaps I should have thought more into the rhythm as taught in the course instead of trying to create something a little different.


Again an interesting interpretation. It is quite subtle and not instantly obvious, it does look more like a single point of focus with the bold shape the only element in focus and weighted to the left of the frame.

I wasn’t as pleased with this image and my tutors words about the single point of focus is very correct but I’ve definitely learnt something which is all about the evolution of learning.

Several points in a deliberate frame.
This is a well controlled image and your attention to detail in the reflection/ point of focus and background colour atmosphere make this a bold graphic image.

This was pretty different compared to the Christmas themed images with the fire in the background so I’m pleased with her feedback.

Implied triangle one.

A romantic moment! The people look very warm here with the lighting but it is a pleasant image. Good point of focus on the eyes.

I was experimenting with different settings for this so am really pleased it paid off.

Implied triangles two
I like the humor of this idea, it is quite tightly cropped so that does detract a little from the face effect but it does work and I like the bit of red poking out like a tongue.

I’m glad the humour paid off in this image, I had different views from members of my family. I really should have allowed more of the image in like Sam says. I’ll definitely bear this in mind in the future.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the feedback, I like being shown how something didn’t go quite right because then I can learn from it and hopefully improve.

Your overall print quality here is good. The colours and exposures are fine. I would like to see you have a go at some larger prints now and see how they respond (ie A4/ 10×8). Be aware of the different colours due to your mix of lighting situations, they may need to be harmonized if you are going to put them across together for display.

I think I might be printing my next photos through a photo service as the ink costs are getting quite high but I’m glad Sam liked these photos. The printer took ages but at least the quality was there.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays
Your reflections on the artists and your visit to the Preston Museum and Art Gallery are very searching. I really like your question about fine art, and I think the idea of emotion and story is a very important point.
You have been looking at many technical books and these are obviously informing your control and approach to your photography. You are starting to explore the idea of the story and message and looking at photographic bodies of work should be your next exploration. I have suggested a number of artists to explore to start you on this more conceptual journey.

I’m very happy that Sam liked my review of the Fine Art museum and the questions I asked. I can’t wait to start including more emotion and story in my images. I love writing and storytelling full stop, life is one big exciting story to me, so incorporating it into my photography more is going to be very exciting.

Suggested reading/viewing
Photographers who really use light/ still life/ limited colour palates
Laura Letinsky
David Penny
Sarah Lynch
Uta Barth
Marjolaine Ryley
For an interesting approach to extremely challenging lighting situations, look at the work by artist Fiona Crisp. Some of her exposures are three or four hours long!

Prakel,D. (2007) Basics Photography: composition, Laussane: AVA Publishing

Wells, Liz (2009) Photography: A Critical Introduction. Routledge

I’ll definitely purchase these books and study the photographers. Even if their photography isn’t my style, it’s important to review others work as the knowledge obtained will improve my own photography.

Pointers for the next assignment
Continue to explore a variety of artists and the motivations and themes of the work. Do some more theoretical reading and look at some of the aspirations and connotations of artist approaches, consider how they have used some of the technical approaches to achieve their message.

Please include the link for your blog with your submission. I was able to see the work as you printed it out but also include the link as I can look at that as well and don’t have to search for your address. It may well be me, but I do find your blog quite confusing to follow. Try and put the work under assignments maybe and then assignment research as I seem to have a hard time following your journey.

I’m annoyed with myself for not including the link and a bit embarrassed as well, I won’t make that mistake again.
I really need to work out WordPress, I don’t know why I have so much trouble with getting all the work under a different page. I’m going to organise everything through categories if my tutor agrees. If anyone can help me, please send me a message, thanks.

I was very happy with this feedback and can’t wait to start assignment three.



  1. Well done Chloe! Great feedback and deservedly so, you had a great set of images there.

    I will look forward to seeing Assignment 3. We seem to be at around the same stage again, my deadline for Assignment 3 is 30th April.

    Good luck 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, I was really pleased 😀

      Thanks, I’m enjoying starting assignment two and researching it. Have you found any helpful research for it? I like looking at Digital Photography school and websites like that. They’re really inspiring.

      Thanks, and you too.

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