Colour Relationships

I had to take three photographs following the colour ratios as suggested by the writer J.W Goethe and then choose three to four colour combinations that appealed to me.

Red:Green 1:1


A colour found commonly in nature. I photographed this Carnation, red is one of the most powerful of the colours and always dominates the attention. That’s why you have to be careful when using this colour but with the gentle green in the background the image is balanced nicely. I love how though green is the larger ratio the red is so dominating. Such a powerful colour and one I look forward to working with.

Orange:Blue 1:2


A trip to the garden centre offered me the colours needed for this ratio. The bright orange is again more powerful though the blue has it’s own dominative effect. Together the colours clash which is why the orange is a much smaller ratio. Being closely related to red the eye is instantly drawn there.

Violet:Yellow 1:3


Colour combinations appealing to me.

Blue, white and orange.

The swans pure white body stands out against the dark blue water. The contrast of the colour wheel is vast yet the image is in harmony with the white swan becoming a more dominative element against the background.

Green, blue and dark brown.

A different colour selection here. The bright green is the boldest colour in the photo with the sun shining through it’s leaves yet the focus is drawn to the wood in the middle. Perhaps through leading lines or the contrast this shows that colour can also be used not only as focus or mood but also to provide ways for the viewer to look directly at what you want. I originally took it because I liked the two elements so this is something for me to bear in mind in the future.

Pink and green.


I wanted to find a fierce clash of colors opposite each other on the colour wheel and study their effect.

I chose pink and green, these colours should technically clash though they are found constantly through nature so perhaps this shows they are always colour relationships that will bend some rules. I included a beige background with a splash of white to add to the pastel harmony.


One of my favorites. This combination especially appealed to me. I love how that although the two colours are almost opposite on the colour wheel, they still manage to be complimentary, blending together in nature. The green stands out slightly more than the brown but that’s good as the green background also puts the image into photographic equilibrium.

Reviewing this and the colours that appear to me, green seems to be the favorite. It’s a colour that is associated with nature and growth and as that’s what I love photographing it’s interesting how I naturally am drawn to it. I want to start included more variety of colours into my work.


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