Assignment Five Preparation

For assignment five I have to create a magazine style collection of photographs telling a story. Though I am only on Assignment Three I am starting this project early because I’m going to a wedding in March and it’s the perfect situation for this brief. I’ve checked this with my tutor who says  it will be an interesting project.

I will be telling the story of the wedding in a unique way, through a child’s eyes. My fifteen month nephew to be precise. Creating photos that depict a different point of view is going to be a challenge but I’m really looking forward to it.


The whole story is there, getting ready, arriving at the wedding, the reception and going home.

A wide variety of photos to choose from the food to the venue and many different compositions and subjects.

Fun and a great chance to show photographic knowledge learned through the course.

Ability to research and plan the shoot.

The groom and bride are family.


A wedding, one chance only to get the perfect photos.

Pressure to get it right and enjoy the day at the same time.

Pressure on my arm and health.

Stress of capturing photos for the assignment, my family and the bride who wanted me to be the official photographer. I want to get some beautiful shots for her and her lovely husband.

To experiment I went to the seafront where I took several photos as though from a child’s height. I included a plastic cat because children are hardly seen without some toy and when I was younger I would take my plastic animals and cuddly toys everywhere so this reinforces the child aspect.

The child places toy on the car to capture reflection and see where they are.Building blurred because he is more interested in the cat.IMGP6649


Peering through at different angles to see cat at the other side.IMGP6670

After taking the photos though the pain in my neck from the strange angles was intense. This was to be expected though as my m.e illness affects my muscles, so a bit like repetitive strain injury, very painful. After some muscle gel and resting it was feeling ok but I started to worry, what if that happened on the wedding. The assignment would be ruined and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wedding. It was quite upsetting, mentally I have it all planned but it’s physically that’s always holding me back.

I could just try something different but I’ve done so much research and I want to take a creative risk and have it pay off. I’ve thought hard about it and have developed the following ideas to help.

Sitting on a small fishing stool instead of crouching.

Using the flip out LCD screen on my camera so I don’t need to turn my head the same angle as the camera.

Taking breaks between holding the camera up to give my arms a rest.

Taking several of the shots before and after the wedding. for instance the church, I can arrive a few days earlier to capture it.

Hopefully that will be ok and I’ll just have to be really careful.

Meanwhile I am researching

Telling stories through photography

What it’s like to see from a child’s POV

Wedding photography





And every photography book and magazine I can get my hands on.


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