Assignment Five: Shooting Ideas.

Assignment Five. 

I will be telling the story of the wedding in a unique way, through a childs eyes. My fifteen month nephew, Leo, to be precise. Creating photos that depict a different point of view is going to be a challenge but I’m really looking forward to it. At the same time I’m capturing photos for the lovely bride and groom and my Mum and sister who aren’t able to come to the wedding. No pressure then 😀

Ideas so far.

To include in every photo.

  •  Something wedding related.
  • Child view point.
  • Beautiful photo.
  • Correct settings and sharpness.
  • Tell a story.
  • Capture emotion.
  • Interesting.


Leo wakes up, his parents hanging above him staring down at him.

Bright white light. Need something to show it’s a wedding – parents in wedding clothes. Nice wide angle shot to distort faces and create the dominating sense of someone pressing their face up to yours.

Shoot Lying on the floor with Leo’s Mum or Dad staring into lens. Ignore embarrassment this is my career.

Thoughts. Colour scheme of house is purple. Could cast hue onto faces which will need to be corrected in darkroom. Yellow walls, will need to compensate. Natural window lighting from the doors. I’ll lie underneath them and should get the white look I wanted.Or place subject in front of door but frames will be distracting.

Emotion conveyed. Baby recognises parents but has just woken and is slightly shocked.

Breakfast. Leo eating breakfast while parents dash around getting ready for wedding.

Shoot. Food held out with face blurred. Choose food that matches colour scheme. Bear in mind ratio and brightness.

Outfit. Leo staring through cot bars at his wedding outfit.

Shoot. I’ll put the camera in the cot, maybe use remote release. Would be good to have Leo’s hands grasping the cot. But I’d need to have the camera in front of him.

Other option. Shooting down Leo at his shiny shoes. He’s just learnt to walk so should be able to stand. Otherwise sitting down shot at chair.

Optional photo. Staring at car through railings while everyone dashes into the car. I might skip this one though as it would be better to capture more images at the wedding.

Arriving at the churchLeo stares through glass nervously at church.

Shoot. Include car window as natural framing. Over expose slightly to include detail. Position part of frame allowing for the size factor. Ewan wouldn’t be able to see through the whole window.

Church. Leo walks up to church which looms over him.

Shoot. Pre wedding photo. Lie on floor looking up at church, capturing sense of power and dominating force. Wide angle would be good here. Reinforces drama and impression. Converging lines reiterate.

AisleLeo wanders down the aisle in a daze.

Shoot. Shoot low for converging lines to increase drama and include pews on either side. Position altar at the middle for bulls eye composition with the pews create symmetry.

Bride arrives. Leo looks around as the bride and bridesmaid arrive.

Shoot. Multiple ideas here. Either shooting low with Leo looking around the pew, the flowers in the side and the bride appearing. Or perhaps Leo is more interested in his little toy animal which is in the flowers while the bride is blurred. The problem with this is that I miss getting the photo of the bride arriving for myself and family.I could shoot fast and combat this problem.

Other ideas. Shoot up as the bride walks past seeming to tower which is reiterated by all the people around him.

I DoLeo watches them say ‘I Do’ but doesn’t really understand what’s going on.

Shoot. The plastic animal sitting on bible or even on the floor as children like to scramble down on the benches. Maybe staring up at the people around him. His Mum might even glance down at the camera which would be good. (this is a possibility as she doesn’t like people taking photos of her)

Kiss. Leo looks away disgusted.

Shoot. Focus on the faces with telephoto then zoom fast creating diagonal lines to show how he turns his head quickly.


Shoot. Two ideas for this.

One: Leo looks up at all the confetti blowing about and the brides walking underneath.

Two: Pre wedding shoot. Someone blows confetti into the camera lens so it’s like it’s being blown into his face.

VenueLeo walks up to venue.

Shoot. I want to do something different here from the tall dramatic church one. I saw an amazing photo of a landscape captured in a bubble and would like to do something similar. Pre wedding or post wedding shoot. Go to venue and blow bubbles in early morning or evening light as light makes the bubbles more beautiful. Try and position the venue to be reflected. Small aperture retains more detail. Otherwise capture venue in car reflection like I did below.


Food. Leo ignores what’s going on at the wedding and only wants to see one thing. Food.

Shoot. A nice depth of field with the edge of the table out of focus, the focus on the food and the wedding nicely blurred in the background would show how he is peeping over the table concentrating on only the one thing, food.

Dancing. Leo watches the dancing feeling the music.

Shoot. He really loves music and I think a creative way of showing this is to use a slow shutter speed, set the camera on a table and shoot the dancers. The slow shutter speed will cause them to blur and hopefully send the lights haywire. It will also reinforce the tiredness he is starting to feel. The angle may change as though his head is tilting as he struggles to stay awake.

Night nightHe falls asleep in the car.


Shot through the car window, the blurring of the lights outside turn into beautiful bokeh and perhaps include some raindrops on the window to reinforce the dystopian vision.

 Notes to self.

Wedding dress. Camera will render it 18% grey! Overexpose slightly to compensate for this. Same with grooms outfit.


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