Assignment Five. Research

Well the wedding is creeping ever closer, I’ve been researching everything I can for the past few weeks and I think I’m almost ready. I guess I’ll find out on the actual day. I’ve been experimenting with settings and have purchased a nice flash, Canon Speedlite which I’ll be able to use in low light situations.

Packing List. 

Canon EOS 60D

18 to 135mm lens. So I can get closer while also shooting standard shots.

16GB memory card plus a few spares of 4GB.

Battery charger.

Canon camera bag.

Remote release.

Canon speed light flash.

Samsung compact camera.


I think that’s me sorted, I just hope that the camera doesn’t decide to pack up on the day or the memory cards fail. That’s why I’ve got loads of backups just in case.



The IPhone is the perfect device to capture those moments that an SLR might miss, not because of settings, but because people act more natural when you’re just holding an IPhone, whereas they sometimes get a bit cautious in front of a DSLR. I read this great article about iPhone photography written by my ultimate favorite portrait photographer – who I will study in my next entry – It’s well worth checking out


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