Photographer Study. Annabel Williams.

I first discovered Annabel William’s works in Ian Farrels guide to Digital Photography. I was so taken with her unique images that I instantly signed up to her blog and also wrote to her to say how much I loved her images. I was so pleased when she wrote back giving me great feedback about my own work and just being genuinely lovely.

So when I started my research for photographing people at the wedding she instantly sprang to mind. Her work is fantastic but don’t take my word for it, have a look  Anyone can take a photo of a person but she perfectly captures the true character of everyone she meets. Coupled together with her skill technically and compositional wise she produces images that truly touch the soul.

I once spent half a day watching all the videos on her website, obtaining invaluable advice and thoroughly enjoying every second and I’d recommend it to any photographer reading this. Her work is just sublime and inspirational.

I wrote this quote for the colour exercise and the power of symbolism and the way in which a photograph can affect a viewer. “When you create a photo that makes people feel all those things then you have created something more than photo. You’ve photographed the heart and soul of life itself.”

This perfectly describes Annabel Williams.



  1. Hi Chloe thanks for that – she does some great photos of people and I can see why you like her. Good luck with assignment 5.

    1. Hey, I’m glad you like her work. And her blog is fantastic, so much advice. Thank you very much, I appreciate it 😀

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