Plan B and Fast

The wedding is very soon and just as I’m prepared, photography wise and have read every resource on telling stories that I can find, I go and twist a muscle in my side. It’s to do with my m.e so I’m used to it but it couldn’t have come at a worse time. The pain is fading but while putting gel on it I hurt my arm and neck as well. Brilliant! So now I’m just waiting to see what happens re the assignment. I want to show my tutor and the assessers that I take creative risks and that I – hopefully  –  pull them off. I know Olympic athletes work through terrible injuries but this is my health, I’ve been ill since I was eight and I’d rather get better not worse. So if I’m unable to photograph as much at the wedding. I need a back up plan.

It’s only me and Dad travelling to the wedding, I’m going to miss the rest of my family so much, but we are staying with my big sister and her family. There are lots of animals at our accommodation so plan B is to photograph a day at the ‘petting zoo’ through the eyes of Leo, my nephew. Same concept, different setting and I have a lot more days to try and capture it.


Ideas so far.


  1. Leo arrives at the petting zoo, glimpses it through the car window.
  2. Excited. Inside house trying to peer over windowsill to glimpse the duck pond.
  3. Tiny shoes stamping through the mud as he races over there.
  4. Pig close up. I can see it’s snout filling the entire frame with a very small depth of field.
  5. Donkey ride. Gazing up at the donkey thinking it’s so high.
  6. Donkey ride continued. The excitement of being up high viewing the pets corner.
  7. Guinea pigs. Cuddling them, close up of their faces or fur.
  8. Mum telling him to go back to the house.
  9. Leo too excited and running away to the duck pond.
  10. Splash. Leo falls in. I won’t drop my camera underwater for this, I’ll just zoom in and drop something to create a splash.
  11. Carried back to the house dripping wet.
  12. Bare feet in front of fire with socks and shoes drying off. Maybe a baby book on the Farm or something to show how he’s loved his day.


I actually quite like the idea of this and even if the wedding doesn’t work I’ll shoot this as a record and a plan B.


My other idea was to experiment with photo journalism using the IPhone to record the whole holiday. Most photojournalists use this approach nowadays. An IPhone is a lot smaller and easier to conceal, capturing those moments that wouldn’t have been caught if the subject was staring down the end of a superzoom. Though I feel I want to use my DLSR to it’s full extent experimenting with a wide variety of settings.


So I will research wildlife photography, farm photography though I will do everything I can to use the wedding for this.



  1. Sounds like you are throughly prepared – good luck with Plan B and I’m sure you will get some good results with Plan A too!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot 😀 Me too, I hope one of the plans goes right but if it doesn’t I’ll just create another story idea, that’s what I love doing 😀

  2. Good luck I hope the wedding plan happens but if not plan B sounds very good too.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m really glad you like it. I hope one of the plans works too 😀 Ah well if it doesn’t I’ll think of something else. I just wish my arms had decided to hurt at a different time. Still, I can’t wait for the wedding 😀 Thank you.

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