The Day!

Well this is it. The day of the wedding. Sun is shining, yes I can get a blue sky in the photos. I feel slightly nervous, yes I can always choose Plan B but I’ve worked hard on this project and have so many wedding photos on my iPad I think my family are starting to get worried 😛 I really want to capture these images. Cameras are all charged, I’m taking my Canon EOS 60D, more chance of my arm hurting but I’ve weaned myself back into it gently starting with phone, compact, Pentax SLR and Canon.

I need to get 12-15 photos and so far have two. The interior of the church I’m really pleased with and I also got the cot shot, where Leo sees his outfit through the cot bars. I popped around to my sisters house to shoot it and amazingly it came out just how I’d first seen it in my mind. Let’s hope the rest of them go the same way.

I checked the venue out yesterday, there’s a water feature in the garden so perhaps a chance of some interesting reflections there. I’ve got my plan and my white balance card – actually I’ve lost that but hopefully it will turn up. Though the plan is detailed and precise, I want to use it as a bit of a rough guide. That gives me scope for lots of different shots. and one last idea, I was experimenting with settings on my tilt and shift part of my camera creating miniature toy landscapes and suddenly thought, the whole world is one big toy or playground to kids, how better to show that than turning the church or venue into a miniature. I have it on my camera and on my iPhone as back up.

Poor little Leo, my nephew has just, taken a bit of a bump falling off the step and is sporting a bruise for the wedding pics. Ouch.

If anyone has any other ideas please comment, that would be great.

So excited and nervous. I’m worried more about photography than my actual dress 😛 Better get ready.

So so excited! Thanks to everyone for your amazing support. See you at the end of the day and I’ll let you know how it went.


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