Assignment Three Research

And now it’s onto Assignment Three. I paused it while I was working on assignment five but now I’m ready to start it. I have to say I’m really excited. Originally I was going to follow the brief, photograph what they said, maybe some flowers etc. But the part of my brain that is supposedly logical is clearly overtaken by the creative, I can’t not tell a story or aim for some theme in my photography and it’s the same here.

I have to photograph, contrasting colours, complementary colours, colours a third of the way around the colour wheel and a colour accent. But I was so inspired by the psychology of colours, the emotions it could convey, so for every two colours I choose each one will combine to create a story of the emotion they evoke. For instance red could be rage or love.

So far I’ve been brainstorming this morning and have my first two ideas.

Purple. Yellow. Purple connotes magic and yellow radiant and light. The two emotions work well together, can the colours.

Shoot idea. This is going to also be a fashion/portrait series – I’m not the most adept at fashion but luckily my sister certainly is so her advice will be helpful – So for this my model will be placed against a bright yellow wall -thanks Mum for painting it as a surprise 🙂 – with a purple hooded robe, cradling purple amethyst in their hands. I need to think about the lighting here.

Orange and blue. Two of my favourite photography colours, orange has connotations of fire and power and blue of calmness and passivity. A shoot of the sunset with blue and orange and the silhouettes of my sister and boyfriend shows the fire burning in their hearts – and magic – while around them the world is calm compared.

So those are just a few ideas and I have to say I’m really excited.


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