The wedding was a success!

It was such a rush of adrenaline and exciting capturing the images of John and Max’s beautiful day. I certainly wasn’t stuck for inspiration as every minute detail of the wedding had been planned out from the pink bows on the back of the chairs, the bouquets of flowers dancing at the head of every pew and even the table arrangements laid out like a map of the world.

We got there early so I could get all my camera equipment ready, plus I was asked to be the official videographer and I needed everything on the tripod. I’d already assessed the lighting on my trip the day earlier to the church.

I had to miss one or two of the shots as photography was strictly prohibited in the service so everyone could enjoy the moment. That meant missing the kiss, I do which was a shame but I understand the vicars point, when you take photos you notice more but also miss moments for yourself. It’s part of the job and I wouldn’t stop for the world.

So the photos, I’m not posting this as my assignment yet because I have two more to do and it’s best to keep it in order but I will post some of them here, just without the long in depth photographically analysis.

Leo arrives at the church and gazes up at the huge vast ceiling. I lay on the floor for this with the camera including the floor to show his height and also Dad in the distance to create an impression of height. The converging verticals also bring drama to this image. A wide angle would have been good but I did my best without it.




Leo is confused by what is going on and stares through the cot bars at his outfit, the teddy in the cot reinforce the childs viewpoint.


Leo wakes up. This was a fun shoot to do. Needing to arrive at the wedding in an hour, I lay on the floor shooting upwards at Dad showing how Leo has just woken up. We shut the curtains to create a softer light which perfectly gave a pinkish tint reinforcing the sleepy dream like feeling of just waking up. His tie also perfectly matches in with the colour scheme.


Leo sits on his Dad’s shoulders looking at the confetti. I was really pleased with this photo. I got stuck at the back for the confetti shoot and being quite small it was hard to see. I held my camera as high as I could, angled the flip out screen and basically hoped for the best. Perhaps not very professional but you don’t get anywhere without taking risks. I changed this in camera to a miniature effect.



I will include the rest of them when I post assignment five. Let me know what you think please.

My arm held up, amazingly, my camera behaved even with the low light and movement, and I had an absolutely fantastic time. I’m actually quite a shy person but there’s something about these events that bring people together, I couldn’t stop talking and of course I wouldn’t have stayed true to my character if I hadn’t leapt up to take a photo, went over on my ankle and crashed to the floor with a bang that had people rushing from the other end of the venue. I just hope no-one photographed that šŸ˜€


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