Artist study

Cass Bird

I love her photography, it captures such an abundance of emotions, happiness, laughter, loneliness, contemplation and each photo is brought to live vividly through colour, lighting composition and the raw emotion on the models faces. Bringing together a clash of culture from the Masai women on the beach jumping with sheer joy with the woman in a bikini on the beach, her work shows the true human soul, empowered by emotions. She manages to capture those special, often hilarious, laugh out loud moments such as the moment when a woman is taking a photo and a pigeon alights on the camera for a pigeon selfie. I just love the sheer joy and surprise captured on her face.

 Emily Nathan

Here is another photographer who captures that zest of life, the joy of being alive. In her ‘kid’ portfolio you can’t help but smile, it brings back your childhood, the excitement, the happiness, the pure curiosity of everything around you. I love how she magically captures the sheer soul of what it means to be a child. From the two boys armed with toy guns, masks and expressions that show they plan to take on the world, to the little girl waiting by a pile of suitcases while her brother hangs off a gate in the background capturing childhood perfectly. Of course it’s not just happiness, there are the other emotions all children feels, tiredness when you’ve run around so much you just have to collapse on the floor, contemplation, sitting back and watching the world around you. Every photos is alive with colour and life and happiness.


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