Artist Study

One thing I need to improve in my learning log is the amount of photographer studies. At the moment there are only a handful, I need to analyse more of their work, analyzing their technique, their artistic voice and also to be able to successfully to describe the overall effect the image has on you.

I found this website with a list of ’14 Female Photographers You Should Know’  Though some of the photos were slightly disturbing the photographic skill and voice they have is phenomenal. Sometimes when a photo is unpleasant and affects you in a negative way, it’s easy to hurriedly flick on and to look at something happier. Though it’s at these times when it is most important to analyse the way in which the photo affects you.

Here, I will study some of the photographers of the list who felt especially striking.

Holly Andres. Her photos are very unique, they all have a story to tell, a message to convey and they aren’t the sort of photos you just take one look at. The children’s birthday party series is especially poignant, capturing the whole story. I love the unusual framing and the many components in each image. That said I found some of her work, such as the one based on Hitchock and the child’s fall, slightly disturbing. This is probably the intended effect. It is quite disturbing to see a pregnant woman wielding an axe with anger burning in her eyes, a huge contrast between the tender love shown with the baby inside.  There is nothing shown that is extremely violent or dark yet the feel of each image lingers unspoken in the air. How the image does this is metaphorically, it also depends on the viewer. Someone who likes violence may be disappointed though people who prefer not to see such things may find the darkness in the metaphor. It’s a different kind of photography and one which at the same time is nicer than some of the photojournalistic photos depicting pure and brutal violence. Though I would rather see ones such as Holly Andres, each have an unsettling effect.

See her work here




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