Diana Marokosian

Diana Marokosian

Diana is a photographer like no other. Her photography tells stories, vivid, powerful and very emotional stories that penetrate your very soul. Sometimes when you look at a photo you find this inner stillness and everything around you fails to matter for those several moments as you enter a new world. In some ways it is like reading; stories and books transport you to live new lives and through this course I’ve found that photography can also do exactly the same. Diana’s photos themselves are incredibly powerful, though what perfects everything is the small captions next to each a photo. An insight into their life, you don’t see how the photo was taken, that’s up to your photographic knowledge, but you know why the photo was taken. The story that deeply moved me was this http://www.dianamarkosian.com/my-father-the-stranger the story about her father who she never saw again after she was seven. The images are black and white freezing the moment over periods of time and you flick through them like pages of a book. The last words are especially striking, poignant and moving and brought tears to my eyes. “For my brother, who became not only his own father, but a father for me as well.”

Blue Eyes: http://www.dianamarkosian.com/blue-eyes

Diana writes

“Some 1.4 million children around the world are blind, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization.

In Russia, a country of more than 140 million people, only two schools provide education and accommodation for blind children. The school for the blind and deaf in the town of Sergeiv Posad is one of them.

Snezhana Cherpanova, 10, is a blind orphan who came to the orphanage after her mother was killed in a train crash. She spends most of her time learning to cope through special courses and activities, like music.

This piece is an exploration of a blind orphan who is coming of age in a society where there’s few opportunities.”

These photos are so overwhelmingly moving, capturing the world in which Snezhana and so many other children live in. You can feel the pain and loneliness she feels throughout the series, the photography is beautiful, shadows on the walls, dark corridors with little light, you can see her determination and struggle through life, how she finds love, the difficulty of everyday tasks and the bond which they all share together. The last image is especially powerful, Snezhana clinging to her teacher who also serves as her mother. It shows that even when the world seems to be a dark and scary place there is always kindness, something that will never be stamped out, a want to help, protect and care for others. It’s a powerful series of images that will stay with me forever.


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