Wedding Photos

Here are some of the photos I took for my cousins wedding last month. It was an amazing day and I hope I managed to capture the magic of the day.

Let me know what you think 😀

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    1. Thank you 😀

  1. kamilleziak · · Reply

    Those photos are just perfect. You would be a great wedding photographer Chloe!

    1. Aw thank you Kamil, that means so much 😀

  2. Well Done – they are Fab!! I’m nervous now have agreed to cover a wedding in September – eek!! Any tips?

    1. Aw thank you so much. Wow that’s amazing, I’m sure your images will look brilliant. hmm, some tips, well first of all go to DigitalPhotographySchool and PictureCorrect and use the keyword wedding, they’ll give you amazing tips. Also research ways of telling stories.
      Always overexpose by one stop so the Brides wedding dress is white and not rendered 18% grey which the camera will try and do. Same with the mens suits.
      The photos before the wedding are always nice, getting ready, capturing emotions. Oh and mirrors are great, search out every reflective surface which will give your images a real twist.
      Get photos of any children because they always have entertaining expressions about what’s going on, especially any kissing, usually they cover their eyes.
      Make sure you get lots of photos of all the tiny details that the Bride and Groom have gone to so much trouble to get perfect. Things like the flowers, the rings, the shoes, the dress, the detail of the dress.
      Use really natural light and make sure your subject is in the shade because then you’ll avoid squinting eyes and harsh sunlight.
      Experiment with different poses but just chat normally, say something funny, get their laughter and I always get people to say how they feel about each other. Like with my sister and her husband I said “Tell him what you think about him,” and they both laughed. Snap, got a fun photo.
      Learn where everyone will be beforehand if people are leaving early etc so you can be sure to capture them before they leave.
      Oh and the food and table arrangement, very important.
      I can think of more if you want but I recommend this book,

    2. Oh and there are some great ideas for poses here

      Try and get those photos everybody else misses. So many guests will have fancy cameras and you need to make yours stand out. Good luck 😀 Will you post the photos up here? And thanks for asking me for tips, hope I haven’t gone mad and overloaded you with info 😛

  3. Wow thanks Chloe for taking the time to give me some tips – I will definitely look into your recommended book/websites for some inspiration! I’m actually the “official photographer!!” talk about pressure!!! I will post some of the pictures on here! Thank you again 🙂

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