Kitty Borosjenői Interivew


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So far we have met photographers who capture the drama and power of nature, one who aims to show the world the beauty and character of life and today is Kitty Borosjenői who’s photos beautifully portray the delicate and fragility of nature, yet at the same time showing how strong it is. Her photos take you inside a world that resembles almost a fairytale with gentle, natural colours surrounding the creatures she photographs. They tell stories of natural balance which are reinforced through the choice of colour creating gentle peaceful images that stills everything around you.




Hi Kitty, first of all I have to tell you I really love your photography.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 26 and right now I’m working on my second degree to be a kindergarten teacher. I love the nature, I like taking photos, drawing, doing archery, playing the guitar and reading books. I live in the most beautiful part of Hungary, right by a nature reserve.

Aw, where you live sounds beautiful and being  Kindergarten teacher would be such a rewarding job. What first promoted your interest in photography and how old were you?

I guess it was my dads darkroom. He always disappeared there, and I was really curious what happens there. I was about 4 when he allowed me to enter the room, and let me play with photosensitive papers. As I grew older he told me everything about how it all works.

I bet you were enthralled by the magic of the darkroom, what a lovely story. Where did you learn your craft, was it instinctive, progressive or did you take a photography course?

My dad was teaching photography at my school, but I wasn’t allowed to go there as I was much younger than his pupils. He promised to teach me too, but after he told me some main things about composition and such, he said the best way to learn is trying my camera and I will find out how it works and so I will remember better. So I was exploring my camera and when I found some nice photos (I bought many of the Photos of the Year books) I checked their datas.


Your Dad sounds like a great person and an inspiration. Would you, or have you, made photography your career?

Yes, I’d love to, a part of my first degree has photography in it, but I know I couldn’t make a living of it.

I guess that’s the great thing about photography, you can do it for a career or for fun but both are amazing. Do you have a favourite subject to shoot such as landscape, macro eg?

Yes, it’s macro, especially flowers, butterflies and dewdrops.



What was your first camera and your camera now?

I couldn’t tell what my first camera was, I was 6 and it was some pretty easy to handle model. Then I used my dads Zenit and my first digital camera was a Fujifilm finepix S5800. Now I have a Nikon D80.

What are your tools of the trade? Do you have a favourite lens?

I have a Nikon D80 with Nikon AF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 lens. But sometimes I can use my friends Sigma 70mm EX DG f/2.8 Macro and that’s my actual favorite.


What camera accessories do you use, filters, tripod etc?

I always use UV filter and I also love coloring filters (if I don’t have the color I wish for, then I use transparent paper). Sometimes I use tripod too.

How do you cope with the conglomeration of equipment?

Very well, I don’t have any problem with it.

What’s you dream piece of camera equipment.

It would be a Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens.

In your opinion what do you think is the best camera?

Do you mean brand here? Well, I only used Fujifilm and Nikon, and I liked my Fujifilms a lot, but I had chromatic aberration problems with both of them, so after it I couldn’t trust the brand any more and I changed to Nikon. It took a while to get used to it, but now I simply love it.

Ah no that must have been so disappointing seeing the images ruined like that. 😦 Apart from your camera what do you always take with you?

It depends. If go only out to the garden or I stay in the woods close home, then nothing. When I go further then I take water too, and when I go for more days, then my hiking boots, hiking gear and food. When I go by bike, I try to minimize my equipment to avoid accidents like breaking my camera.

Good ideas. What settings do you use? I love wide apertures. Do you shoot on auto, manual, programme, av, tv etc?

I’m big fan of wide apertures too, I mostly shoot on av or manual. Sometimes I’m asked to take photos at events, then I care a bit less and it happens that I leave my camera on auto. dsc_2882e_by_aeylan-d6f31bh


What photography would you like to try?

I’d like to try taking portraits, especially children portraits.

How does your photography stand out, what’s your personal style and how have you developed this?

I wouldn’t say my photography stands out, I’m not even sure I reach the standard. I mostly take nature photos, so I guess that should be a part of my style. I try to pay attention for background and aperture and I like purple and orange tones, so I like using coloring filters to lower the depth of green and to have warm, sunny tones.

How do you go about shooting? Talk me through composition, lighting set up etc (if appropriate.)

Sometimes I simply go out and shoot what comes, but mostly I know what flowers are blooming or what species are active and then I plan my picture. Like I search for a pretty flower with clear background, I wait until light is the most appropriate and then I set my camera and wait for butterflies or moths.dsc0296_01d_by_aeylan-d6duov1

How do you use colour?

Mostly I play with filters to have warm tones. Or purple or orange . Sometimes I feel like a topic needs higher or lower saturation, then I change my camera settings or do some afterwork.

What is your goal to achieve when you take a photo?

To show the natures pure beauty and how delicate it is.

Do you try and achieve a story or a mood?

Story is a thing what just happens, like I have a photo about two butterflies fighting over a flower, or another one about a very worn swallowtail laying her eggs. As for mood, I try to achieve tranquility.

What would be your ultimate dream shoot, money and place no object?

That’s a hard question, I have two pictures in my mind: a Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis in his wedding dress at his original haibat and a beautifully dressed model wearing ivy wreath in some ancient forest.

What unusual photos do you like, abstract etc?

I like surreal, especially at urban topics.

How do you think photography affects us? Do you feel it can change or help our world?

Yes, I definitely feel like photography can change the world. It can draw attention to endangered species, discrimination, pollution… anything. There are many people talking about those, but a well captured picture can make them understand much better, and can make others think about it.


An excellent point and so true. Some researchers are photographing glaciers on time lapse to show how quickly they ar receding. What are your worst photography disasters?

They mostly came when I try something new and especially when I experiment light. Once I went out to shoot icicles, the day was perfect, sunny but cold, snow was so fresh and bright. I took about 100 pictures and they went all to dustbin as I’ve choosen the wrong settings and my pictures were burned and they also had a hard blue line around all bright spots.

 Oh no that’s such a shame, but the good thing about mistakes like that is they teach you so you don’t make that mistake again 🙂 I once captured an action scene and everything was blinding white as I’d set the wrong shutter speed.  Have you ever had any funny moments shooting?

Well, it’s always funny when my cat joins me. Particularly when we choose the same topic, like I wish to shoot a bird and we both sneak there and he scares it away in the last minute. The most funny was, when I tried to take photos about fireflies with long exposure and I couldn’t shoot one picture where there wasn’t a ghost cat in it.

Haha that’s so funny, I’d love to see those images! Do you use Photoshop, or any other editing software, extensively?

No, I try to set everything while taking the photo but I do crop and resize them with some software. levendula2_by_aeylan-d6af3l8


Do you have any personal tricks or tips you’d be willing to share about photography?

I don’t think I could say anything you don’t know already. I’m still learning.

Which photographers have inspired you and who do you admire?

Mostly it was my dad who insipred me, and there are really many persons who I admire, so the list would be too long to write. I’d like to highlight one person only who made a great impression to me and he’s Zsolt Dékány.

Do you have a favourite photography quote?

„Less is more.”

Can you recommend any good photography books?

Sorry, but all the books I know are for cameras using photographic film.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Well, I don’t think I’ll be known, but I’ll have some small exhibitions first with friends and then I hope alone too. And I definitely hope I’ll have better equipment.


I really hope you achieve those dreams. Where do you see photography in ten years?

You may laugh at it, but I really believe photographic film and slides will have their renaissance and digital techniques will develop a lot. Okay maybe in ten years I will laugh at my thoughts.

No, I won’t laugh at all. After all, that was how photography first started, it seems right that it continues just as strong and powerful. What does photography mean to you?

It’s like rain to the dry field. After a busy week learning and working I couldn’t imagine a better relaxation than going to the woods and taking photos. It clears my mind and helps me through my troubles. It’s not even the pictures but the process while taking them the most important to me.

Beautiful answers, Thank you so much for taking part. I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the opportunity. Good job with your degree!

Have a nice day ^^

You too 😀 


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