Assignment Three Practise

I am really behind on this assignment, mostly because I did Assignment Five in advance and that really took a long time. Plus my sister is a huge part of this assignment, model wise, but she hasn’t been well at all, poor thing. This morning I just decided to experiment with the colour and the whole magic theme. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

The first part of the story.

My name is Aria. I may look normal, but I’m not. I have magic, I can make things happen. But the one magic that I long for in life is love. His love. But I know that I am different and though they may not know that I have magic I know he wouldn’t want me.  But I love him and I have magic. He will fall in love with me, just not in the conventional way. Time for a little magic and love potion. My Mum found out what I was doing and has now assigned, Skye, our cat as my guard to make sure I don’t do the spell….

So this morning Skye helpfully sat on the trampoline outside the window framing himself perfectly against the yellow daffodils. I didn’t realise he wanted to come inside and carried on photographing this wind chime.

I love the colours, the burnt yellow and the green perfect for the colour contrast. But I needed something else.    IMG_9751



I noticed Skye starting to look a little annoyed that I wasn’t paying attention to him.


I loved his face through the raindrops and started experimenting.


Whoops, sorry Skye, your handsome face is too blurred.


After several attempts of holding the wind chime in front of the window I succeeded in getting the ball is clear focus with Skye’s annoyed face blurred into raindrops. This is the photo that shows how Aria’s mother has placed the guardian cat in charge yet the magic bauble shows her that is the way she must go.

How will Aria succeed in getting past the Guardian?

Though Mum does say he’s too fat to be a Guardian 😉









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