Assignment Three Shoot.

Well,  yesterday was definitely different. Standing on an icy winter beach with the vicious wind biting every part of you was definitely an experience especially when I’d brought the wrong colour jumper and my sister and I had to swap, which meant standing on the pier in just a t-shirt while everyone else were wrapped around as though dressed for Siberia winter.  Luckily my next photoshoot involved standing over a radiator.

The Love Potion

For the magic themed Assignment Three, Aria is recreating a love potion. I hadn’t actually thought this shoot through, I’d like to say I thought about it for ages and arranged the elements together, but honestly it just all came together happily through serendipity. The flower petals were blown onto our driveway and before I had chance to photograph them they were battered by a sudden rainstorm. I managed to rescue one of them, despite my Mum shouting that we were going to be late to pick my sister up. 😉

Amazingly the flower petal stayed full of rain water, I brought it on, sat it on my sisters scarf (who wasn’t too pleased)


I took some normal photos with my 18-135mm lens then swapped to macro. By tilting the petal slightly, the water curved around the stem and thus produced a heart. Perfect. I had my love potion and the colour pink and blue for the criteria. Even better, the diagonal window formed a x shape in the water. The only editing was to remove a few unsightly pieces of gravel.


The serendipity ended however when I accidentally left the leaf and raindrops on the windowsill over night, on my sisters scarf and in the morning the water was gone :0


So that’s eight or so photos completed, just another eight now.




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