How to create a magical cave.

Finally I am making progress on this assignment, I’m aiming to do at least one photo a day.

Here is the slinky shoot…actually that doesn’t sound very effective. Ok, here is the Magic Cave shoot.

Aria needs to gather the ingrediants for her love potion and what is more magical than a magic cave. Ok, so I couldn’t exactly find one in our neighborhood so I needed to improvise.

How to make a magic cave.

You will need.

One eager slinky


Mum’s paperweight (warning do not drop)

Mum’s purple prism gemstone. It has a glittery magical effect.


Canon EOS 60D

18-135mm Canon zoom lens.

White windowsill with side lighting from window.

Three hands, ok, two and lots of selotape to hold the slinky down.


Here’s my brief plan



With the whole family watching me and wondering what the heck I was doing I experimented with shutter speeds to capture the spring pinging back. This started knocking over the paperweights behind it so I held it stretched out, set the camera on a 2 second timer and hoped for the best.


IMG_9907 IMG_9912 IMG_9934 IMG_9923 IMG_9937 IMG_9924 IMG_9916


My first efforts were colorful but lacked something, in fact it wasn’t actual a magic cave shoot until I used the paperweight. The slinky was also so enthusiastic it kept bounding away from the camera and the focal point. Even the selotape couldn’t control it. Drastic action was needed, in the form of the two paperweights to the slinky couldn’t escape. Suddenly the magic cave idea was born as the paperweight glass provided a proper focal point. But it was too clear.


I tried covering it with my hand hurriedly setting off the timer and grabbing the slinky to hold it in place.


Phew, eventually I got the photo. Usually I take a hundred photos and prefer the first one. In this case I like the last better.

I’m still not sure which to use out of these two. Any thoughts? I think I like the first better…


IMG_9941 IMG_9942

I just need seven more photos now. 😀 We’re getting there.




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