Orange Summer – Assignment Three shoot

The two colours I decided to work with next were orange and blue.  They are an interesting combination, they are basically opposites in terms of the emotion and connotations they evoke. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, two of the most powerful colours. They demand attention and it’s easy to see why red and orange are used for hazard and radiation signs. Therfore it was going to be a challenge making sure that the orange didn’t completely overpower the image.

First I had my model to be Aria. Luckily she lives and breathes fashion so going to her wardrobe is like visiting a department store, I’m never stuck for colour ideas.

It was late afternoon so the sun was covering everything in nice warm rays.



Arran and Skye were very eager to help and kept racing over to see what they could do.


Arran especially acted as control officer, offering to relocate any flies that were trying to get their moment of (no flies were injured in this procedure)




With the sun burning down and bees bumbling very very close to my head I took several photos at different angles, varying exposures trying to capture the colour despite the sun which was determined to have a silhouette party.

Eventually I decided on this one though. Aria is looking around nervously incase her family see that she has disobeyed their orders to recreate a love potion. The orange shows danger while the blue shows that she isn’t doing this for a bad reason, she just wants the boy so much.


I had to be careful using a powerful colour so it wouldn’t overwhelm the photo. That’s why a shallow DOF worked. The mind loves photos with a narrow depth of field because it works in the way that it latches onto the sharpest part of an image. The orange colour is still there creating an attracting border but the attention goes straight to Aria and the Guardian. This may also be to do with the human interest element, you don’t need to think what the focal point is, people are instantly drawn to other humans in photos. Even in a wide angle landscape the eye will almost always be guaranteed to find the tiny silhouette at the edge of the cliff face.



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