The Crystal Ball

The Guardian (aka our chubby cat Skye) is always watching.

The moment I spotted my sister sitting with the cats on the lawn I grabbed my camera, dashed outside and found out that at last she was free for a photoshoot. I’m quite happy lying on the grass in sun or rain but she wasn’t so eager. Once the rug was on the grass and Mum’s mirror (the crystal ball) was in hand I started taking photos.

Those who know me know that I adore reflections, puddles and mirrors in general, not in a vain way, I just love the different images of the world it gives us. This was perfect for a crystal ball, better in fact as with a proper crystal ball the image would be distorted, curved and the reflection would be pretty much determined by the glass. With a mirror however I just needed to angle it wherever I wanted and there, the Guardian was framed in the mirror.


Usually Skye moves as much as a rock on a time-lapse photo, i.e, not at all. Yet for some reason he kept getting up and running off. I put my camera down to go and get him put him back in position go back to get the camera, see my sister had moved the mirror slightly, return the mirror to show Skye, pick up the camera, get back in position and see that Skye had run off again.

Eventually Skye settled down in the grass but I couldn’t get him in the mirror without including myself. I moved round to the driveway to shoot across the lawn with my zoom lens.

Skye really got into the acting mood and started striking some very heroic poses.


This is a cropped version of the final photo to conserve my sisters identity. Skye gave the perfect expression just as I clicked the camera. 😀



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