Eyes in the garden

Another hilarious shoot today. I have to get a photo where Aria is staring angrily at her mother who is telling her that ‘No, she can not make a love potion’

I wanted to have the focus on Aria but at the same time showing her Mum, all this had to be in a creative way while also thinking about the colour.  I was already planning taking a macro of my sisters eye and then had the idea to include the reflection of her Mum. This would make it feel like you were actually seeing through Aria’s eyes.

Initially I took a photo when my sister had quite a lot of make-up on and the mascara really ruined the shot.

Without make-up (quite a feat for her) I had her sit in the garden, in the shade for soft lighting and experimented trying to get the reflection. I would only be able to see Mum in it if she sat directly in front of my sister. I sat at the side and told Mum to look angry. This wasn’t too easy as we couldn’t stop laughing. Eventually despite my sister constantly moving with laughter, Mum’s expression being comical and me trying to keep the camera steady I got the photo I wanted.

IMG_0164 IMG_0160 IMG_0177

A quick crop and tweaking the histogram completed it. I could have created a double exposure in photoshop but I wanted to show how you can still capture the magic in real life in its pure and natural form.





  1. Starlight · · Reply

    What beautiful eyes your sister has, you’ve really captured them perfectly with the reflections, very creative, unique and profesional as usual! Her eyes are like magic so they fit in perfectly with your fun story line 🙂 keep up the good work Clo!

    1. Thank you, Starlight. Love your name by the way. Yeah her eyes are amazing, they’re like stars, very magical. Aww you’re so kind, thank you, I really appreciate it. Have a lovely day. 🙂

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