Today we are talking to Amy who captures beautiful photos of the flowers, nature and the beauty of everyday life. Her photos take us deep into the natural world where we can gaze at the gorgeous flowers and beautiful still peaceful moments that we so often take for granted.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Where to start? I was born in the 16th of August in 1996, so I’m 17 years old right now. I live in a town in Southern Hungary and apparently I’m a secondary grammar school student. Later on, I would like to study English at university, and to work with this language. So not an occupation in connection with photography, but whoever knows…

Your English is brilliant. I wish you all the luck with your career

What first promoted your interest in photography and how old were you?

Thank you very much

Right before the age 14 – so about four years ago – we had a long journey across the country. I found the landscapes so beautiful that I immediately began to take some snapshots of it. I even made an arranged photo with a sunflower, my Dad helped me to do it. As looking back on these pictures, I can see nothing but flower grass weeds and a blue sky above. But it gave me the very first boost, and I haven’t stopped since then


Aw that’s really nice. So after getting inspired and into photography how did you go about learning your craft, was it instinctive, progressive or did you take a photography course?

It was rather instinctive. Unfortunately I’ve never taken a photography course, but I would really like to! I just photographed whatever I liked when travelling, walking down the streets of my town. I did not have so much skill, but after I saw some photography pages I saw what should I do better, and I got a new camera as well, so I started to develop. And not to mention Deviantart artists.

What camera do you have? And do you have a favourite subject to shoot such as landscape, macro eg?

Now I have a Nikon Coolpix L810 model. My favourite subjects are flowers and plants, raindrops, my relatives and friends. Especially the little kids in my family, they often mean the subject of my portraits!

Ooh nice and I love raindrops too. Especially on leaves. Apart from your camera what do you always take with you?

I’m glad you love them as well! Unfortunately I have no other tools than my camera, but I usually bring batteries – or a battery charger in case of longer trips – and a camera case to keep it safe.

That’s a good idea always bringing spare batteries. 
What settings do you use? I love wide apertures. Do you shoot on auto, manual, programme, av, tv etc?

There are settings in my camera for different subjects, like portraits, landscapes, dusk, fireworks, sports etc. I use these settings based on the topic, and they determine all the settings.


What different type of photography would you like to try?

I would really like to try astro photography, or to develop my portrait, landscape and animal photography… It would be great to be a photographer on an occasion, sometimes my friends ask me to do so in some mission, and to admit, that’s pretty flattering and kind of them! I would also like to do ‘then and now’ sets.

Aw that is really nice. Astro photography seems to be the one everyone wants to do. Unsurprising though as the results can be breathtaking 😀


How do you go about shooting? Talk me through composition, lighting set up etc (if appropriate.)

Thank you really much! And the other reason, that it makes the photo more lifelike. 
In terms of nature pictures, I obviously prefer natural lights, and I mostly locate my flowers in the middle or in the corner of the photo. This rather goes by instinct, I’m trying different positions and when I see it appealing, I shoot. But only a select few get on Deviantart. And I dislike when something is cuts the scheme. Like a half blossom on the edge, or the grass seen behind an almost full-flower picture. When I’m doing portraits, I usually have no time for settings, since most of them are spontaneous. Although I prefer natural light and I like to locate the people in the centre of the photo. Though the little kids I eternalize are always in a move!

Wow that’s great. Seems like composition comes naturally to you. And I know what you mean about little kids always on the go. My nephew never sits still, so many photos are blurred after seeing him because he is just crawling everywhere and constantly moving  😛 So I’m really pleased when I get a sharp good photo of him 😀

How do you use colour?

I usually like to shoot photos where the colors harmonize, and I usually avoid using two complements at once, in terms of colors I love to keep it simple. And usually after shooting I make the photos a little bit more vivid, playing with hue, saturation, temperature and tint. Or – if I feel it would look better that way – I add some effects – vintage, black and white and sepia are my top favorites. (these can rather be seen on my portraits)

Do you try to achieve a story or mood in your photos?

And even worse when the photo subjects are able to run! And when they are able to ask “And how much photos do you need to take at all?” Family assemblance photos always need resorting, at us at least! 
Yes. If my flower photos don’t even convey a mood, I try my best, but my portraits always tell a story… Some are long, some are shorter. I always add in the description what is the story of the photo, even if they just come out of a sudden idea, like most of my kids photos. But some look back to a really long history, like the one with my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. And I am proud of all these family stories, especially my Gran’s and Great-Gran’s…  




Hehe oh yes and they get pretty fed up fast and try to hide from the camera. I’m lucky my nephew can only crawl and toddle around at the moment, the second he can run I’m doomed 

Aw that’s so nice capturing those family moments. The lovely thing about photography is recording these moments that would be only captured by memory.

Speaking of capturing amazing memories what would be your ultimate dream shoot, money and place no object?

In terms of photography a seaside at sunrise or sunset, droplet pictures, capturing a bird while flying, a red sunrise or sunset, a macro leaf or grass picture, famous buildings around the world… Though some of them are not too money-dependant. And in terms of memories, snapping a common photo with those friends of mine who live really-really far away from me.


Aww that’s really really nice. It’s funny when you ask those questions you can get things from NewZealand to photographing incredible natural wonders so it’s great that you find such beauty and wonder in those things. I’m right with you with all of those. 

What unusual photos do you like? Abstract etc?

I look whatever looks aesthetic, in every sort of photography folders, except nude. I also love creative ideas like parts of the photo subject supplied with sketches, then and now-collages in the same position, portraits of relatives mixed together, and so on… But nowadays everything is so widespread that it’s a little bit confusing to decide what is considered unusual.

How do you think photography affects us? Do you feel it can change or help our world?

Absolutely. A good shot can keep the sweetest memories, but the worst disasters forever. And if a disastrous or a horrendous picture is shown to people – like natural catastrophes, child abuse, animal abuse and so on – usually makes them think. Visuality is the greatest sense of ours, so it can raise awareness and convey messages in a really effective way. And there are plenty of successful video and photo campaigns I can remember.

So using photography to raise awareness and evoke action. That’s great. What are your worst photography disasters?

Well with my camera I had no disasters because I worked for it really hard and waited really long, so I take care of it. I’d call my old shots and badly edited photos my worst photography disasters.

Have you ever had any funny moments shooting?

For sure! For instance once I was photographing on a concert event of my Grandfather, and taking pictures of singing people may come out pretty weird, on most of them they seem like making faces. And photos shot when my friends are fooling around, they are just priceless. And I guess many have been on the situation that they asked their friends to take care of the camera, those can surely relate to what’s the funny thing about it! If not, I reveal… If you do this, you will find a bunch of weird selfies and randomly snapped photos.

Haha that’s brilliant, the same thing happened to me with my sister, I found all these random selfies and photos of the grass and cats 😛 Do you use Photoshop, or any other editing software, extensively?

Then you totally understand me! I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, earlier I would use Gimp 2.6. But I took to the Photoshop software more.

Do you have any personal tricks or tips you’d be willing to share about photography?
I’d just like to share to photograph whatever you like, work with the project you find important, do art for yourself. Dare to try something new, express your personality, create your own style, have your trade marks, develop from your mistakes and never forget, that these snapshots, even if they are not the best or not the most popular, may bring back great memories and moods. And the proper lightning, a little settings on the hue, saturation, temperature and tint brings pictures to life. And looking at other photographs or taking a course helps a lot.


Wow, that’s a fantastic list. Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
I don’t think I’ll be working with photography, but whoever knows. I’d really like to keep it as a hobby though. I would like to have a degree and a degree in English, and I hope to have or to plan having a family.

Where do you see photography in ten years?
I would like to keep up the standard, and to develop as well. I would like to be a kind of “professional hobbyist”, if you know what I mean. I would really like to take a course too.

I’d definitely recommend this one 🙂 What does photography mean to you and what has it taught you?
More than just a hobby. A way to express myself, to show my world, to be set on discovering the beauties of the nature and human firm, a way to keep the most precious moments forever. I could rather thank things to photography. Without it, I would have never joined dA and I would have never got to know all my friends here, who mean the world to me. But back to teaching, I really loke the quote – “Life is like a camera: focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”


That’s so lovely and I completely agree. That quote is awesome. Thank you for such a great interview. I hope you enjoyed it 😀


I absolutely loved the interview and thank you really much for the chance 😀


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