Beautiful Long Exposure Photography

4658015253_51d349c866_z-2Long Exposures

After my artist study on the photographer Fiona Crisp I was eager to look more deeply into long exposure photography.

Long exposure photography is something that I have never really attempted yet is something I would greatly love to try. The effect of slowing down a shutter speed to capture a new depth of your subject, it creates strange, ethereal and deep atmosphere and automatically (when done well) draws your viewer in to enter this new world you’ve captured.

Here are some beautiful examples of long exposure photography used by sole permission of the photographer.

Thank you to  for helping me find these images on Flickr.


6397916019_516cc9d01a_z 12333143334_471dc11823_z 12560743614_d774c22cc2_z 9420934880_b534132c8c_z 9241894457_2a53ca9eac_z 6686660401_1f49f276aa_z 1337735267_994ef6d38d_z








4508732411_c8c6dc210f_z 2703553060_051878ce54_z7995065900_6dc73ce4ba_z 3731610723_02b92c0011_z6774300640_5307b2e398_z 10996830994_9689902b66_z898622334_90d3ab0b82_z5984302872_43a6068e12_z3687718268_93c646024d_z3480354377_8dd4426959_z11075385013_02af27bf0e_z 2779478194_db8e1ef1d5_z 8634743968_e516f6dcb7_z 8731668040_b7f6f8eb2e_z 13803606083_6ec82b46f9_z 2197585153_3bb02a5c89_z 6582825831_cfff9064f7_z 7063453521_168ef7c256_z

1426454467_9ce88d9a1c_z 10251806855_1b79de1eb4_z

Rush Hour



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