Exercise. Light Through the Day

This exercise was so much fun.

I had to take about 12 images to notice what happens as the sun moves around. I needed to be somewhere the whole day and the obvious choice was a nearby street so I  could carry the tripod out every hour.  The first day I tried it I was only able to get a few photos (due to an asthma attack) but the second day it was a glorious sunny day with blue skies. That’s why you can notice a bit of a difference between the photos. I also managed to get one of my cats in almost every photo so you can notice their changing shadows. The last part was taken by my Mum as she sleeps really badly and is often up at five. I gave her my camera just in case and managed to take photos from five in the morning.

I decided to choose the street as it was accessible and the sky and sun very visible. I placed little stones to mark where to put the tripod every time, using my Pentax camera as the Canon doesn’t fit with my tripod.

I kept the aperture as large as possible to allow more light and kept the ISO at 100 constantly. I shot at 5omm though there were times when I accidentally zoomed in slightly.

I was only supposed to take twelve images but I enjoyed it so much I think I gathered about twenty or so especially as I needed to take more photos as the light changed. If it wasn’t for my health I probably would have been sitting out there until dawn 🙂

Here are the photos in order from 5 am until 9:11pm taken over a period of two days.

Out of all the photos I think I prefer the one taken at half six in the morning. The sun is just rising and everything seems saturated and lush like before a thunderstorm. I also like the photo taken at 12 though this may be because of the blue sky. And in terms of lighting, with the sun so high in the sky the shadows are long and harsh, not the best lighting to shoot in.

It’s surprising that when the sun is just rising there is quite a lot of light. Though my Mum said that it was a lot darker than it appears in camera. This was interesting as I didn’t except to get lighter photos so early in the morning without using a higher ISO. The jump between half five and half six is immense. From dark blue tinted light suddenly there is a sun drenched image with deep saturated colours. Surprisingly the light stays more or less the same as the morning continues before the sun reaches fully into the sky and the shadows are long and harsh but the colours are brilliant reminiscent of vibrant sunny days. I like how the light darkens towards evening and the saturation is back. The cats show how the shadows are lengthening and the light adopting the blue tint again. I thought my favorite time to shoot would have been round about nine but it was quite dark then. The afternoon was pretty bright and I found that I loved the lighting best in the morning, though it’s not often convenient to get up quite so early.


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