Tutor Feedback Assignment Three

Well I got my tutor feedback for my Assignment Three and am really really happy with her response. There were a lot more positive points than negative and she said she could see how much I loved this assignment and had fun with it. I’ll put my response in italics.

Overall Comments

An interesting exploration of the assignment; your idea of picking a theme to explore has potential. You have cheerfully and playfully engaged in the exercises and assignment. Your discussions and final conclusions are useful, good to see the research into color theory and history and the way art has shaped our perception of photography.

I really love choosing a theme with the assignments because it feels like I’m creating a story, something that can have interest and intrigue. I also really enjoyed studying the colour theory, psychology is something that really intrigues me.

You have a real mix of exploration here with the blog and interviews, glad you sent photographs as well. Rather than sticking your photographs onto pages send them through well labeled. This would be a more professional approach.

I was wondering what to do with this, but yes this would be the professional approach. I just thought there was so much paper it might be more easier to read. 

Please work on each assignment in chronological order, you need to build on each to inform your progress, the assignments have been carefully written to support this approach.

This I am a little confused about because I asked if I could do assignment five before assignment three because the wedding was perfect for it. I’ll ask my tutor but I just hope that I don’t need to re do all the photos. 

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity


You have explored the exercises using some combinations of colours to demonstrate your understanding. You have been questioning in your exploration and this playfulness means you have captured cheerful snapshots.

I like that my photography seems playful, because I want it to be fun for people to look at 🙂

You have chosen some good detail of the flowers and further concentrating on the point of focus helps to see the colours without too much distraction. Good to see you experimenting with the white balance and grey card with the still life set up before you starting adjusting and adding colour filters.

Your honest evaluation of the ‘mistakes’ is a good way to go forward and remind yourself that you are learning.

Interesting to see you have explored using moving image. I see you had some issues posting the film with the music you chose. You need to look at copyright issues. Also look at youtube a bit closer as they actually have a copyright free music section.

This is brilliant because it really lacked something without the music. 


You have been very sensitive to the look of each image, considering the composition, exposure and background balance of each. I would suggest that you continue to explore the amount of space around each image also. You have shown good control of your point of focus.

 Colour harmony through complementary colours

Aria and cat, this image is almost the weakest in composition and although you are optimistic about the light behind this not a strength. There is a yellow cast to the skin tone and in the white areas.

Sad about this one but I did think the same as I sent it in 😦 

Crystal ball, The focus is a bit off here, need focus in the eyes.

Reflections, an interesting capture, it reminds me of beer glasses!

Cat and aria; bold colours surrounding and framing the main characters, a pleasing image. Good ratio of colours here.

I’m glad she liked this one because it was one of my favorites. 

Colour harmony through similar colours

Bottom of glass pic, this is an interestingly framed image and has a strong colour cast that makes the scene similar in colour. The ripples of the glass add a sense of movement to the image.

Eye; This was a difficult to take photograph and you worked hard to make it successful, good work. Good focus and detail.

Enchants cat; A well seen image with good selective focus and a gentle array of colours.

Red; good energy although there are lots of visual distractions in the image. You have discussed your colour combination choices and this is an interesting area to explore, the emotional suggestions are good.

Very pleased about these ones, though I need to focus more on distracting backgrounds. 

Colour contrast through contrasting colours

Flowers; A clean and simple image with good colour contrast evident.

Love potion: This image is the strongest of the set. It is very abstract and creative, and also evokes a dreamy ethereal feel.

Beach; Bright bold colours and the pose is very complimentary to this. There is a slight yellow warm cast. Look at the horizon and make sure it is straight.

Phone: Nice crop and good expression, good focus and the colours work well.

Again very pleased here, especially the love potion one. I need to think more about colour casts and ways to eradicate this in camera without needing to rely on photo editing software. And the horizon, always the horizon, I never seem to get it straight. Perhaps using the in camera level or a tripod will help combat this. 

Colour accent using any of the above

Pink ball; A really bold and energetic image, good energy and capture of the moment. The accent on colour works well here

Ball reflected in glass; This image has more potential I feel. The addition of the reflection and the floating ball could be taken advantage of to make it more mysterious.

Guardian in window: a striking coloured image and this is interesting although the colour accent is secondary in this image.

Potion; the movement of the liquid is engaging as well as the large ratio of purple colour.

Good to see you questioning the role of colour and the implied emphasis this has in an image. Your work into the emotions of colour is valid and you have spent much time considering this element.

The use of model is good experience and you have clearly spent some time and thought to communicate what you want from them with the changes in clothing/ location as well as your angle of view. Good work.

Shame about the ball reflected in glass, though actually, my tutor says it has more potential therefore I will work on that. It was just because my sisters boyfriend was in the frame initially and didn’t want to be online so I had to use a photo where he wasn’t there. 

I really enjoyed photographing with a model, it was great fun and being able to discuss ideas and her to take them on was really fun and I learnt a great deal. 

You do have a growing confidence now in enjoying the projects, having some fun and also stretching your knowledge. The idea of telling a story is interesting. Think about the narrative structure, it can be linear or more random in the visual interpretation ie it can be a story in a line or give the overall feeling or story by a variety of images. Look also at researching fables/ mythical story telling history and contemporary interpretations.

I especially have more confidence now my student log is structured properly (thank you Yvonne for your help with that) Telling stories is something that plays heavily in the last assignment but perhaps I can do something with it before hand. I’m aware of any deadline and I know I need to focus on the exercises and not get side tracked. Yet at the same time, surely all these side projects are all working towards attaining the degree and developing knowledge. I love the idea of researching Fables, I have read them since I was eight years old and have always loved them. I may try a series of these. 

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Your reflections are honest and useful, the exploration into colour psychology and theory is a good development area.

Look at bodies of work by a variety of photographers, with this exploration into colour it would be good to see some painters referenced as the colour exploration we do is all based on those first principles. You have done some useful research into some photographers but you now need to be also looking at photographers you have work that has been academically and critically discussed. Commercial and hobby photographers are interesting to look at but for this level of study you need to be developing your understanding of the place photography art sits in. To find these photographers use the critical theory books in the suggested reading lists.

I will start to research famous photographers from now 😀

Suggested reading/viewing

Duane Michals- stories

Francesca Woodman- story

Tim Walker- fantasy

Lee Friedlander- reflections

Wells, Liz (2009) Photography: A Critical Introduction. Routledge

I will order Wells, Liz as it seems to be the book my tutor recommends to me a lot. I don’t like the look of Tim walkers photography, it seems slightly creepy with an air of something disturbing about. Lee Friedlanders book is over 100 pounds which is way out of my budget. Michals work is a bit dark, everything seems to have this disturbing feel about it, 

Pointers for the next assignment

This was a good exploration, you are finding a way of working now that supports your own journey and is a useful indication of your practice. You have done much work here and this should inform your next assignment.

I think I am now finding my original voice instead of writing the way I think I’m meant to. I guess I probably did too much regarding this assignment but it is all learning and I love it. 

Your work has a real sense of fun and you obviously enjoyed the process. If you intend doing a story again look into storyboards to help wit the planning. Also research short films and how they can tell as story visually.

I’m very happy my work has this sense of fun as it is what I am always trying to achieve. I will start my research as soon as I can. 


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