My health has been really bad for the past three weeks, I’ve hardly even left the house, let alone go out and take photos. It’s basically a combination of working too hard, doing too much and staying out late at night to take the night time photos. That coupled with asthma hasn’t produced the funnest of weeks.

I’ve informed my tutor and she says I can do the photos of a ‘night time city’ inside as the principles of exposure and light will apply. So as soon as I’m feeling a bit stronger I will attempt this. She also suggested that I research Gregory Crewdson.

As I am creating this exercise indoors I intending to create a ‘mini city’ effect. The course said to include some of them

  • A floodlit building (where the lights are hidden)
  • A brightly lit storefront
  • A large interior such as a shopping centre
  • A view of a busy road where you can create light trails of the car lights shooting by.

Ideas in miniature.

For the car trails I can use two torches or glowsticks which I could shoot in front of the camera on a slow shutter speed so the light is captured.

I could have a photo on my phone of a shop front and take it in the dark so the light resembles a realistic shop window. The light is the same as the source is from inside the ‘shop’ so to speak.

A floodlit building. I can photograph the outside of a house or through a window anyway.

People at night. Possibly a lego or playmobil figure moving.

Anyway, this is going to be fun and perfect for my health limits at the moment. I just need to think hard about the lighting and the effect each type produces.



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