Night Time Photography

Just as I was about to shoot the indoor lighting I went and hurt my neck (simply sitting down) and now can’t really do much photography. So I have gathered together some of my night time photos taken towards the end of last year.

The effect of zooming in and out on the camera on a slower shutter speeds creatively distorts the light into a dramatic and image full of movement.




IMGP2247The ISO is 800 and handheld as we were in the car but I think the ISO could have done to be higher. I think that was the highest it went on my Pentax though. The lights are slightly blurry but the image is considerably lighter then it appeared.


Simple wide aperture and off focus to produce some Christmas themed bokeh.


I love how the sky is so blue and vivid. I tried to go for a different shot here including the car wing mirror to show where the photo was taken. I love how the camera (with the right settings) can produce something that doesn’t look like the scene you’re photographing. I’m fairly sure when taking this photo it was almost pitch black and the only light coming from the illuminations.


Blackpool tower. I was pleased with this, the lights are in focus and not blurred and the lights all gather around the tower like a light filled tinsel.


A capture of people moving. The focus on the tower has allowed the people to blur with a sense of movement, the line of lights directing the eye to the people and the tower beyond.


A photo of lampposts. The normal lights replicated a star and produce a glowing V to the distance to which the blur of car tail lights are heading.


A photo of the town. The lights in the background aren’t actually fireworks, they are the star decorations in the trees but they appear like they are floating in the sky, so you can feel you are watching a firework display. This image is slightly orange, perhaps due to the house lights and shops. It’s interesting how different types of lighting can produce different effects.


Ok, so I wasn’t well enough to go and take night photos but by analysing my already taken photos I have learnt a great deal. It’s just like analyzing other people’s photos and learning from them, except these are mine.




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