Exercise. Higher and Lower Sensitivity

I had to take several photos on high and lower sensitivity by using different ISO on an overcast day when light level, subject movement or depth of field was only just possible . It just so happened that as I set off to do exactly that the sun came out. And it stayed for several weeks. Which I’m not complaining about because I got all the other photos but I’ve been waiting quite a while to complete this exercise.

Luckily though on a day when both the weather and my health was in harmony I went into town in the car to take these. I thought the movement of the car would add to the challenge of capturing sharp photos.

As you can see the image starts off with very little noise but by the time you get to the last one which is at 6400 ISO the noise is so bad it almost looks like rain. I actually stared for a while trying to remember if it had been raining when I took these and why I hadn’t done the rain exercise. That could be used in a dramatic storm scape to enhance the mood though it also takes away a lot of image quality and I probably wouldn’t photograph something with such a high sensitivity. The other thing I noticed is that at first the images seem fairly dark but when you get to the one of the ferris wheel and the high ISO you can see how the sky is severely overexposed and very little detail has been retained.


It shows that you don’t always need to go for the fastest setting, if you have support you should go for as low an ISO you can manage as the image quality will be a lot better. However if it’s the creative look you are after then there is a lot of experimentation for high ISO.

IMG_9805 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9810 IMG_9811 IMG_9827 IMG_9828 IMG_9829 IMG_9831 IMG_9832 IMG_9833 IMG_9834 IMG_9836 IMG_9837 IMG_9838 IMG_9839 IMG_9840 IMG_9842


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