Photography Exhibit

I recently went to a local photography show featuring photos from a wide variety of ages. The gallery was split into several categories, the one I was most interested was the wildlife photo. My two  favorites depicted a tiger staring right at the camera. It was quite a close crop so the focus was completely on the tigers eyes and I was really drawn to the intensity of the gaze. The second was also a tiger (spotting a theme here) drinking from a puddle but I loved the angle as the tigers head was reflected in the puddle. Symbolic of the Lion King, that’s what it made me think of, when the young lions gaze in the water and see their parents etc reflected back. What was interesting was the choice of winners, all were great but there were a selection which were really something amazing that didn’t place. They were technically perfect, composition and subject wise so that makes me think that a) it depends on the judges and their favorite subject. But sometimes is the key to an amazing image not having technical perfection and instead focusing solely on the emotion the photos portray, creating a human connection?

I learnt from the portrait photos the way in how to engage the subject with an image. In that case, I think unless it’s purely documentary photography, then it’s very important to be technically brilliant especially with light. All the beautiful portrait photos I love that come to mind are mostly of family and child photography.  Before I started this course I knew light was important but I also didn’t focus on it completely, however since doing this course and studying other photographers I now know how it breaks or makes an image, turning a mediocre image into something of wonder. Like these beautiful photos

The same applies to lighting with landscapes, I love the images shot in early morning, they capture such an ethereal yet warm and beautiful vision of the world.


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