Cloudy Weather and Rain Part Two

The Red Arrows display wasn’t exactly the time I wanted to shoot the Cloudy Weather section, but photographers have no control over the weather, they can only harness it to create the effects they want and work with the available light. Everyone was crowded around shivering with the overcast freezing day and I decided to stay in the car for my health and also the window made a great tripod to stabilize the camera.

When I loaded the photos on the computer I was startled by the noise as the ISO had only been on 400 and the earlier exercise had shown the camera doesn’t show a great deal of noise on a lower ISO like it.  After some research I realise that must be either to do with focusing on the wrong point, in this case the open sky, underexposure of the shot or when I edited it slightly the noise came with the retrieved detail.



However the increase of ISO can be used for a more grittier dramatic photo. And the colours of the red arrows came out very strongly especially against the overcast sky.


The next photo came out more colorful but the noise was really intense and I decided to convert it into black and white to create more drama.



I wanted to include the crowd who were watching the display and like the misty appearance presented by the arrows and also the scattering of people cast into silhouette.







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