Exercise: Shiny surfaces.

This exercise was very frustrating. Purely because the tracing/baking paper had a mind of its own and was determined to photobomb every shot. Initially I photographed the mirrored trinket box.



As you can see the reflection of the camera is distracting and it lacks contrast.

IMG_0912I battled with the cone but couldn’t get it large enough so it was hidden. That’s why it appears in the photo. But shining the light through the paper creates a very effective smooth finish, almost like a slow shutter. Of course the reflection is still there but as it says you can’t always hide that. I could edit it in post production of course but would prefer to get it right in camera.

I tried the same experiment with something smaller, a 2 pound coin. Without the cone the image is flat, lifeless, slightly underexposed and dull. IMG_0922

Adding the cone though creates a much brighter shiner effect, the writing around the coin is more pronounced and clearer.

IMG_0923I then decided to experiment firing the on camera flash at the coin.

IMG_0924Though I feel the only different with the flash is a slight orange cast. And the silver is slightly brighter.



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