Exercise The Lighting Angle

I’m a bit behind posting these exercises, I wanted to use my energy on getting the assignment done then post these afterwards.

The Lighting Angle

I had to choose a subject that was rounded and with relief then photograph it with the lighting coming from different angles. I realise I did this with my stop motion video when preparing for the assignment and shall post it up here. Unfortunately the phone randomly B.A.S.E jumped from the car the other day and I can’t upload it until I’ve fixed it.

I fitted the light with a diffuser, as my light source was once again my iPhone torch, I wrapped a tissue around it therefore creating the diffuser effect. The gemstone was placed in the baking tray, I lay under a table and shot with my macro lens.


This shows the light pointed right at the gemstone.I’d expected it to look flat and it was, the reflections are distracting and if used on a persons face I imagine it would look flat and lifeless.


As the light is angled around to the right, a sheen appears on the gemstone causing more contrast.


The light is dominant now on the right and the texture is enhanced, quite a bit amount of gemstone is in shadow though. That’s why I used a slow shutter speed with my assignment of texture so I could move the light around to illuminate the left and right side.



The light shines from above and the gemstone seems to retain an almost flat feel again.


Now the light is at 45 degrees and the reflection in the lower corner adds a bit of texture and form. The sheen of the gemstone isn’t as shiny but I like the way the light has caught the glitter effect in the top left.


Now the light is at 45 degrees slight angle, inside the family of angles, you can see it falling on the edge. The reflection it causes is a little distracting but it is starting to show the texture quite well. I like how the baking tray has produced bokeh by being out of focus. What is annoying is the foreground, the light hitting the edge is very distracting. Next time I shall cover that with perhaps black velvet.


This is slightly at an angle but near the back. You can see the light falling on the top and enhancing the texture. It is also starting to backlight it.


The light directed at 45 degrees down you can see how half of the stone is in dark contrast, perhaps because I adjusted the focal point to the part on the left. The texture is brilliantly shown here and also form as you see the many levels.


Then of course backlit, every time I try these I seem to use a transparent object, if this was solid the gemstone would have been in silhouette like it was when I shot the small cat statue. Every time I try this effect I just love it, it brings so many planes to the sight.

Shot from above the exposure is higher and illuminates underneath.





IMG_0900Lit from just in front, it’s not as flat and surprisingly contrasted.

IMG_0901From just behind the light reveals different levels and shines through the gemstone.

The gemstone is a great prop to use because in normal light it just looks standard but so many qualities are shown when you get such a variety of lighting.


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