Exercise Cloudy Weather and Rain

I am so behind on this course which I’m quite upset with, but I can’t help it when my health relapses back landing me unable to leave the house for weeks. But thank goodness, I’m climbing back up again out of the pit and can return to my course.

Exercise. To take photos of the same view in sunlight and under cloud. Choose two or three different subjects. Set the WB to Sunlight/Daylight.

Taken of the beautiful Ailsa Craig, a volcanic plug in Ayr.


Though both feature clouds the second is a lot heavier. The photo is a tight zoom from a distance which is why they aren’t seen. However it’s easy to see the dramatic difference of exposure altered by the weather. The cloudy photo causes the sky to become a lot bluer. I’d imagine this is due to the elimination of the sun. The same effect happens with an overcast sky, the colours are deeper and richer as the sky acts like a soft box. I read that several months ago and it’s something I find myself repeating a lot.

The exposure changed from 0.00 to -0.33. I much prefer the first version, it’s brighter and the detail is clear whereas the village is cast into gloom and details aren’t as retained as strongly.

With photos taken in sunlight the shadows often appear harsh.






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