A Narrative Picture Essay

This exercise required me to set myself an assignment and photograph it. I decided to choose the story of going for a day out with my family.

I wanted to capture the feeling of the day with a variety of shots. My sisters boyfriend didn’t want to be included so I tried to focus more on what we were seeing. It’s always a hard line, inclusion of people. It’s important to protect their identify especially in this day and age. That’s why my next part of the course, People and Place is going to be only viewable to myself and my tutor and assessers. It’s sad, but it’s necessary.


Big to be appreciated. Work well small.


The map.

The most important part of the day, getting there. Marina and Nico pointed at the map. I included the window to show that we were in the car.

The journey.

Dad’s hand on the wheel in concentration with the lights of the car in front of bokeh giving the photo a rather ethereal feel.


Continuing on the way in the car.


A standard shot seen through the car window. I like the sense of direction. We are heading in one way but the other cars and the lines on the road point another way.





I like the effect the railings and their shadow have in contrast to the horizontal lines of the water.

Wide shot


The view and the people enjoying their lunch.

Friendly ducks



They came to investigate our lunch. Unfortunate about the shadows but there wasn’t anything to be done about that.

Beautiful duck.


I love her shadow being included in this.

Shooting down the railings into the water.


I quite like the drama and direction of this as you peer over the edge.

A wide shot again of the landscape.


I decided to frame the horizon quite low so it gave prominence to the vista of the sky.

Ducks in formation.


I spotted them heading right for our lunch. They made a visually appealing shape.

A close up of the water.


I wanted to collect a few of these for the abstract feel when seen together.

Lunch time.


Macro of the soup. I included half so it looks like it continues. The nicely placed cutlery adds a bit of contrast and interest.

A wide angle of the actual building.


The jetty leads the eye into the picture and a persons eye always picks out humans in an image.

A different shot of a duck shot from above.


The weeds add a nice green backdrop and the focus is clearly on the duck. I like the form of the water around it, almost like the form exercise in assignment four.

Some beautiful flowers on the path.


Going towards the lake



Marina showing me her result from the gift shop visit.


A selective depth of field pulls the focus into the duck while seeing the girl behind.


Time to go home.

A shot of the road back and the low light shows how the day has gone by nicely rounding it up.


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